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Skincare Insider has a mission and that is to offer you the best and most relevant information for your specific interest all in one centralized place!

We furthermore intend to weed out misinformation about Skin Care and help you, dear reader, to survive from Information Overload***

With all web sites, newspapers, magazines and other publications constantly offering a deluge of relevant AND irrelevant information it is hard not to get confused and become a victim to “information overload”

By organizing, filtering, selecting and picking the best and most relevant information and curating it ** for our community of readers and customers, we aim to provide them with high-quality, unique value information that will be hard to find elsewhere.

We sincerely hope you will find this service valuable and are very interested to learn of any comments, questions or suggestions you might have by contacting us using the form on our “CONTACT” page.

***Information overload affects most of us who spend a substantial amount of time online. It is important to determine if the information you are receiving is relevant to the topic you are researching and is backed by a professional organization, author or research study.

Information overload affects both the sender and the receiver of the information deleteriously. The sender may be unaware that the information he or she is sending is not being understood correctly or efficiently. The receiver may be so overwhelmed with both the structure and the content of the information that he or she is unable to filter out irrelevant data from valuable information.

**This news site offers real time news curation.  “The real-time news curator orders, edits, adds commentaries, images and references to the news stories where applicable, he adds more value and understanding to the subject at hand by aggregating and filtering out the best, most current and relevant information available”.

If you are interested in exploring some of the ramifications of electronic, information overload, there is a research study that explores this topic in-depth. In this brilliant paper, the author explains very clearly what information overload is and how it is affecting our lives. You can find out more about information overload and read the research study by visiting :