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Calcium is good for the body for building strong bones and for healthy teeth. But calcium is also a good way to keep your body feeling and looking young. If your body doesn’t get enough calcium in one area, it will take calcium from other areas of your body - and one of those areas is your bone structure.

One of the biggest benefits to having a healthy calcium intake is that it protects your bones against the development of osteoporosis. While that’s a good enough reason to make sure you get plenty of calcium in your diet, it also has other anti aging benefits that you need.

Not only does it help keep your body safe against fractures that occur more easily as you age, but it can also prevent certain types of heart problems that are also linked with aging. Calcium is needed for strong muscles - and since the heart muscle is needed to properly constrict the heart to pump blood, this mineral keeps that muscle in shape.

Calcium is also necessary for brain function. It works to keep your cells, including your brain cells, active. That’s not all that calcium can do for you in the battle against aging. In order for the nerves to work the way they should, you have to have an adequate calcium intake.

The signals in the nerves and in the brain can deteriorate as you age and calcium can help to maintain nerve health. Every muscle in your body has to have calcium for proper contraction and is essential in order to protect against cardiovascular events.

Calcium also has many metabolic benefits - including keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure at good levels. Not only does calcium protect your heart, your brain (especially from neurological age related issues) and your bones from breaking easily as you age, but it also helps regulate the cells - which in turn promotes healthy looking skin.

Without enough of this vital mineral in your body, your skin will take on the appearance of paper thinness and will look dry. Your skin may sag and wrinkle more easily as well. As you age, you become more at risk for certain types of cancer. Calcium also helps protect your body against developing cancers like colon cancer.

When your body is healthy on the inside, that health will shine through on the outside. While it’s no fountain of youth, calcium does a good job protecting your body with the anti-aging help it can provide.