My mom always said that the third sex is really a pregnant woman. Pregnancy brings about strange changes in the body that one never gets used to, such as dry patchy skin, discolorations, sensitivity to smell and taste, and the overall emotional rollercoaster you are on.

Next to pregnant women, babies and children have the most sensitive, delicate skin, requiring use of the gentlest products. My son’s delicate skin required me to try and buy a whole pharmacy of products, most of which are still sitting in the medicine cabinet.

I came across the most luxurious products from Mustela a mom-to-be (again) and a little boy could want. The gentle scent of Mustela 9 Months is formulated to accommodate changing skin conditions throughout pregnancy and port partum.

The lotions are safe to use while breastfeeding. They’re not merely providing hydration, but have three key ingredients that improve the quality of the skin. Elastoregulator is a natural ingredient that increases elasticity and, therefore, makes skin more adaptable to stretching.

Avocado peptides reduce the skin’s hypersensitivity, while Lupel is a plant extract that ensures the collagen produced in the skin is of good quality. I am using the Stretch Mark Double Action lotion over my slightly protruding belly and the Ultimate Hydration lotion for all over. The scent is light and does not bother my sensitive sniffer at all, leading my husband to try it out too, as I have sent him and his lotion (which I can’t seem to stand) out of the room several times.

I am looking forward to trying the Nursing Comfort Balm while I breastfeed again, as I remember how dry and uncomfortable it can get sometimes.

Old-fashioned scents

For my son’s sensitive skin that can sometimes get dry, the Hydra Bebe Body Spray provides instant and easy-to-apply relief. He is not left sticky and oily as he gets with regular lotions. Its gentle scent reminds me of old-fashioned Spanish baby colognes. The spray is so gentle that I decided to try it out on my face one day when I was feeling a bit dry. It worked really well as a light moisturizing spray and didn’t leave me feeling oily towards the end of the day.

The Soap Free 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash also worked wonders on my son. Bathing a slippery toddler who is more interested in playing in the shower than actually getting clean is a workout in itself so having a two-in-one wash cuts the time in half.

Mustela’s complete range includes sun protection for babies that is gentle and protects delicate skin from the sun and free radicals. The best thing about Mustela sunscreen is that the product remains stable even if left out in the sun—no weird separation of the creamy part and the oily part after a day at the beach.

Mustela also has a line for problem skin—babies with eczema, cradle cap, severe diaper rashes. The Stelaprotect No Rinse Cleanser is a wonderful product that cleanses baby while preventing the removal of lipids in the skin. The Stelatopia line prevents flare-ups on eczema prone skin, ensuring the baby’s prolonged comfort.

After trying out a few Mustela products, I’m eager to try more. After all, what could be better than a product line dedicated especially to mothers-to-be and babies?

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When I say “top wrinkle creams” you probably think of the ones you see on television or at the cosmetic counter, the ones you see advertised by major celebrities in the glossy magazines. Those are the ones, right? They wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t really good, would they?

If I suggested that you buy a lesser-known skin care product from a small company that advertises primarily on the Internet, you would probably balk and feel that the larger cosmetic companies are more reputable and you should buy their products. But here’s something you should know.

Those large companies are not thinking about your skin when they make their products.

They’re thinking about their own skins…and their bottom lines.

Here’s what goes into those top wrinkle creams: petrochemicals, acrylamides, parabens, alchohol, and other synthetic chemicals, including carcinogenic substances and neurotoxins.

At the very least, what you’re putting on your skin with many creams is not good for your skin; at the very worst it could make you sick.

Why would they do this? Because these ingredients are cheap. They can make a greater profit.

Why are these products so popular? Because, as I pointed out at the beginning, they’re on TV, they’re in glossy magazines; they’re advertised by major celebrities. The celebrities don’t realize what they’re advertising. They probably believe the products are good.

But they’re not.

So what is the alternative to these top wrinkle creams that are really not what they’re cracked up to be?

Remember the lesser-known skin care products from the small company that advertises primarily on the Internet?

These companies create natural, healthful products and care about their customers. Knowing that you need natural ingredients, you can seek out companies that make natural products that meet your needs.

Some ingredients to look for in real “top wrinkle creams” are Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. These nutrients will help reduce and protect against the effects of aging by protecting against the sun, defending against toxins that invade your body, and increasing collagen production to keep your skin smooth and firm.

Natural ingredients are always going to be better than synthetic; that’s the first key in finding a great wrinkle cream. The top creams, by revenue, are full of chemicals and your skin will not react well to that kind of treatment.

To get even better results, research your specific skin issues and find the best ingredients for your situation before choosing a cream. This will catapult your results into an even more successful realm.