Natural Skin Care Comes From Within

The fight for younger looking skin is one that many men and women alike face, day in and day out. Many search for the solution in creams and bottles, but in truth, natural skin care comes from within. To achieve the natural glow you envy, start with the way you eat and drink.

The first tip in your natural skin care regimen should start with what you're eating. Good skin is a mirror to a good digestive system. Make sure that your diet is full of foods that are high in fiber such as black beans, apples with the skins on, dates, figs and prunes. These foods will improve your digestive track and promote healthy skin.

When deciding what you can personally do to facilitate natural skin care, don't forget your water intake. When ordering out, save money and improve your skin at the same time by ordering water instead of caffeinated tea or sugary sodas. Water improves digestion by eliminating waste products and bathes your cells. It helps prevent constipation and improves the glow of the skin.

If you're employed in an inactive position that leaves you at the desk most of the day, it's important to your natural skin care, among other physical issues, to get up and get your circulation going. Sedentary lifestyles promote bloating, water weight and puffiness. Additional conditions that often result a from an inactive lifestyle include acne, cellulite and lack of tone in your muscles. So, instead of sitting around chatting in the break room, take an invigorating walk around the parking lot at lunch, start your your day with a stretching routine and skip rope when you get home from work. Adding these heart rate rising exercises to your daily routine will help bring that healthy glow home to you.

Lastly, in the search for natural skin care tips, try brushing your skin with a dry brush for exfoliation. This gets rid of the dry dead skin and allows your skin to go through a detoxification. This exercise will improve your blood circulation and cut back on the skin's puffiness. It also helps in calming the nervous system.

So, before you pay lots of your hard earned money for creams to improve the look of your skin, start your natural skin care regimen at home with improvements to your diet and exercise routine.

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