Skip to content is witness to the ever-growing beauty product industry on a daily basis, especially products geared to preserve a youthful appearance...welcome to the world of “Anti-Aging”. A world so vast, the expansive assortment of product lines and product types on the market today seems endless.

In an effort to ease the confusion and frustration consumers endure in selecting an “Anti-Aging” treatment program, explains what takes place during the aging process and the types of ingredients necessary to combat the various stages. The following is a guideline of what to look for, including specific product recommendations to target these particular skin care needs.

While there are various factors involved during the aging process, there are four main reasons that cause skin to age. By learning what these stages are and why they occur, creating a program will be simple and will make sense. The four main stages are pigmentation, loss of collagen, skin cell deterioration and dehydration.

The production of pigment in skin is what causes discoloration, age spots, brown spots – basically, an overall splotchy appearance. These uneven skin tones prevent one from having a bright complexion since light does not reflect well on dull skin, and further preventing a vibrant and fresh look. The causes of pigmentation stem from exposure to harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, inflammation, hormones or other damaging environmental factors. The best remedy to counteract this condition is a product that will lighten or bleach dark spots and also eliminate dead skin.
Ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone will cause these spots to fade with continued use, leaving skin bright and even. Eliminating dead skin will further expedite the process through exfoliation. So depending on how sensitive the skin is, be sure to choose the appropriate strength. Keep in mind that skin lighteners and skin bleaching increase sensitivity, so if redness or irritation occurs, choose a gentle formula and use the products less often.
DDF Hyperpigmentation Protect & Correct SPF 15 Retail: $65; Price $44.85
StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum Retail: $89; Price $65.99

Collagen Fibers in skin are present in a layer underneath the structure of the surface and supports the skin’s volume, texture and firmness, providing a youthful appearance. Over time, the damaging effects of the sun, pollutants, smoking and such cause the collagen fibers to break down leaving tears, spaces and gaps in the layer. As a result, the skin’s elasticity and volume are compromised due to the lack of support now that the layer has holes in it, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Since collagen fibers cannot be repaired, the only solution is to use skin care products that contain ingredients that will generate and produce new collagen.
Ingredients to help stimulate the growth of new collagen include Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, Amino Acids and most popularly, Retinol. Skin care products that contain these ingredients are will work most efficiently when used on a regular basis, as the skin continues to age.
Dr Brandt Collagen Booster Retail: $75; Price $51.99
Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus Retail: $65; Price $47.99

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 As Shiseido Co., Ltd. celebrates its 140th anniversary, the company announced that it has signed Academy Award-winning actress, Jennifer Connelly, who previously represented the company in Asia. Connelly will be the namesake brand's global spokesperson and face of its highly acclaimed premium skincare line Future Solution LX. Connelly's first advertising campaign as global spokesperson will debut this fall.

"I am honored to be working with Shiseido again and to be representing the Future Solution LX line globally," said Jennifer Connelly. "Like Shiseido, I believe it is important to prepare now for our future well being. I look forward to sharing my journey with Future Solution LX with women worldwide."

While this marks the first time the brand will be working with a global spokesperson, this will not be the first time Shiseido has worked with the classic beauty; more than two decades ago, Connelly appeared in an advertising campaign for a Shiseido makeup brand that was distributed in Japan.

"We are thrilled to welcome Jennifer back to our family as we celebrate our 140th anniversary," stated Hiroshi Maruyama, General Manager of the International Marketing Department at Shiseido Co., Ltd. "Jennifer's genuine personality, commitment to her family and approach to living a beautiful life embodies the core values of our company, and match those of the Shiseido customer. We believe that she portrays the essence of the Future Solution LX line perfectly and that her inner and outer beauty will inspire our customers."

This spring, Connelly is appearing in her latest feature film "Virginia." She has also starred in acclaimed movies including, "A Beautiful Mind," for which she won an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, "Reservation Road", "Blood Diamond", "Requiem for a Dream" and "The House of Sand and Fog."

Launched in 2009, Shiseido Future Solution LX is a premium skincare line that was based on Shiseido's award-winning scientific research. The line features Skingenecell 1P, a proprietary ingredient acknowledged by the scientific community for its ability to improve skin's overall condition at the cellular level, empowering skin's defenses against environmental effects. Future Solution LX is available at select Shiseido counters worldwide. .......................

View the original article here, one of the most trusted online sources for high-performance luxury skin care and beauty essentials, has added the microdermabrasion device NuBrilliance to its assortment of premium beauty products.

The NuBrilliance professional microdermabrasion kit is the first and only at-home microdermabrasion device that uses dual-action therapy: crystal-free diamond exfoliation and suction. The non-invasive treatment exfoliates dead cells on the surface of the skin and rejuvenates the layers underneath. With varying levels of suction, microdermabrasion promotes natural cell regeneration through the production of collagen and elastin, leading to an improvement in the elasticity of the skin.

Heather Drouillard, Buying Manager at, said, "The at-home beauty device market continues to expand. NuBrilliance offers professional results in the privacy of a consumer's home."

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 Social commerce company, BeachMint, announces plans to launch on October 1st, 2011, with singer, designer, actress, pop culture icon and retail powerhouse, Jessica Simpson, and Beverly Hills skincare expert, Nerida Joy. BeautyMint is a personalized monthly skincare system featuring exclusive products developed by Nerida, which combine the most advanced anti-aging technology and science with natural ingredients.

BeautyMint is the latest addition to the expanding roster of successful BeachMint brands, which already include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's StyleMint and Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter's, JewelMint. BeachMint's brands offer members unique personalized shopping experiences, incredible content and exclusively designed products every month.  

Jessica commented on the new brand, "I believe every woman is unique and I am thrilled to launch a skincare system and beauty brand that recognizes and embraces these differences. I've been lucky enough to have access to the best products and treatments available so I'm excited that there's finally an affordable brand that offers women personalized skincare with the most advanced products that maintain youthful, healthy skin. I love the BeautyMint system and what it's done for my skin so I can't wait to make it available to women everywhere."

BeautyMint members will take a skin questionnaire to identify their skin type and specific concerns so BeautyMint can personalize the right system to target each member's needs.

Celebrity skincare expert and BeautyMint partner, Nerida Joy, commented, "I've been working with skin for over thirty years and I know how skin changes over time and how it varies from woman to woman. There is no one system that is right for everyone, which is why I'm excited to introduce a program that is customized to every woman's skin. The BeautyMint program allows me to provide the same advice and quality of product my loyal celebrity clients receive in my Beverly Hills center."

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 Dr. Abdala Kalil, a renowned international inventor in the non-surgical aesthetic medical field and founder of VI Medical, who has made groundbreaking contributions in anti-aging skin care products, including the VI Peel and VI Derm Skin Care System, announces today that VI Medical will be launching three newly created Facial Chemical Peels this fall. Dr. Kalil has appeared on several Television shows including EXTRA, ABC, FOX, NBC, and others.

The VI Peel is the first safe, painless and effective chemical peel for all skin types aging, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, melasma, and for acne. Offering pain free results within as short a period as 7 days.

Dr. Abdala Kalil says, "Our new peels will fill the most difficult and urgent problems I see in the latest generation of new smart peels, and as we refer to them a peel for every need." Additionally, Dr. Kalil says, "These will be available to medical professionals, and aestheticians so everyone can enjoy beautiful skin care results at affordable prices."

The Peels will have new ingredients never used before in a chemical peel approach. Prices will vary from $300 to $500 based on the application and product. Dr. Kalil truly believes everyone can enjoy healthier, more youthful skin with proper professional treatment and home care.   View the original article here