is witness to the ever-growing beauty product industry on a daily basis, especially products geared to preserve a youthful appearance...welcome to the world of “Anti-Aging”. A world so vast, the expansive assortment of product lines and product types on the market today seems endless.

In an effort to ease the confusion and frustration consumers endure in selecting an “Anti-Aging” treatment program, explains what takes place during the aging process and the types of ingredients necessary to combat the various stages. The following is a guideline of what to look for, including specific product recommendations to target these particular skin care needs.

While there are various factors involved during the aging process, there are four main reasons that cause skin to age. By learning what these stages are and why they occur, creating a program will be simple and will make sense. The four main stages are pigmentation, loss of collagen, skin cell deterioration and dehydration.

The production of pigment in skin is what causes discoloration, age spots, brown spots – basically, an overall splotchy appearance. These uneven skin tones prevent one from having a bright complexion since light does not reflect well on dull skin, and further preventing a vibrant and fresh look. The causes of pigmentation stem from exposure to harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, inflammation, hormones or other damaging environmental factors. The best remedy to counteract this condition is a product that will lighten or bleach dark spots and also eliminate dead skin.
Ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone will cause these spots to fade with continued use, leaving skin bright and even. Eliminating dead skin will further expedite the process through exfoliation. So depending on how sensitive the skin is, be sure to choose the appropriate strength. Keep in mind that skin lighteners and skin bleaching increase sensitivity, so if redness or irritation occurs, choose a gentle formula and use the products less often.
DDF Hyperpigmentation Protect & Correct SPF 15 Retail: $65; Price $44.85
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Collagen Fibers in skin are present in a layer underneath the structure of the surface and supports the skin’s volume, texture and firmness, providing a youthful appearance. Over time, the damaging effects of the sun, pollutants, smoking and such cause the collagen fibers to break down leaving tears, spaces and gaps in the layer. As a result, the skin’s elasticity and volume are compromised due to the lack of support now that the layer has holes in it, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Since collagen fibers cannot be repaired, the only solution is to use skin care products that contain ingredients that will generate and produce new collagen.
Ingredients to help stimulate the growth of new collagen include Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, Amino Acids and most popularly, Retinol. Skin care products that contain these ingredients are will work most efficiently when used on a regular basis, as the skin continues to age.
Dr Brandt Collagen Booster Retail: $75; Price $51.99
Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus Retail: $65; Price $47.99

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I’m going to show you how you can slow down the aging of your skin and reverse the signs of aging – without drugs or surgery.

The secret I’m about to reveal is so groundbreaking that your dermatologist would love to share it with you. He hasn’t heard about it yet.

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It can literally stop the aging clock… putting a halt to wrinkles, age spots, redness, and dry and sagging skin.

Today you have the ability to turn back the hands of time
and reset the time keepers that control your skin’s aging.

This new secret rejuvenates your skin from the cellular level, adding decades of youth and vibrance to your face. So, no matter what your age, in just a few short weeks you can…

Visually reduce lines and wrinkles.Plump up your skin’s elasticity and moisture.Reverse sun and aging spots.Look younger than you have in years!Nobel Prize Winning Discovery Defies Aging

You’re probably wondering how I learned about this incredible breakthrough before your dermatologist did.

For the past year, I’ve been working with the pioneer of an anti-aging breakthrough so dramatic it was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine.

It’s based on something called “telomeres.” Telomeres are “time keepers” attached to your DNA.

Here’s how they work…

As your skin cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. The shorter your telomeres, the more your skin cells age… and your skin starts showing the ravages of time.

But when you maintain the length of your telomeres, your skin will stay supple, radiant, and youthful.

At my anti-aging clinic here in South Florida I’ve made some astonishing discoveries throughout the past 20 years. But this is the most revolutionary.

It gives you the opportunity to halt the aging process and show a younger, more beautiful, and sexier face to the world.

Reduce the Age of Your Skin By Up to 30%1

Most of the women I know get a big thrill when somebody pegs their age as much younger than it truly is. A single 5-year deduction in age can put a smile on their face for days. After all, who doesn’t like to find themselves on the receiving end of a compliment like that?

Even I get a kick out of the times I’m told I look younger than my years. It’s simple human nature. We feel young, we think young, we act young… and we want to LOOK young, for as long as possible.

So imagine how great you’ll feel when you
reduce the age of your skin by 30%!

That means your face will age one-third less than your friends and co-workers, and you’ll get more compliments than ever.

My new Revive contains a remarkable extract that literally HALTS aging and can extend the lifespan of your skin cells.

Revive penetrates into the deepest layer of your skin, restores moisture, and helps reduce fine lines......


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As a 40-something, you might be noticing more lines around your eyes, mouth and forehead and your complexion might be looking dull and dry. Fortunately, there are simple adjustments you can make to boost your complexion. Here’s what you can do to achieve healthier, more radiant skin.

Throughout the years, you’ve probably developed a good routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. However, your 40s are a time to re-evaluate your skin and update your regimen. How much you’ll need to adjust your routine will depend on how you’ve treated your skin thus far. Read on to find out how to create an age-appropriate routine for healthy skin in your 40s.

Switch up your skin care

When it comes to skin care in your 40s, dermatologist Joshua Fox tells WebMD, “If you wore sunscreen, if you did some preventative care, then you may not notice any major difference in your skin.” But, “If you didn’t do those things, then fine lines and wrinkles are definitely on the upswing once you hit 40.”

Whether you need to make major changes or just tweak steps here and there, consider these tips:

Address acne. It might come as a surprise that acne can become a regular problem during your 40s due to hormonal changes. Combat adult acne with gentle products made especially for mature skin, which contain gentle ingredients to exfoliate and unclog pores. And make sure to use a mild moisturizer afterward.

It’s also easy to mistake acne for rosacea, a skin condition marked by redness, swelling and bumps, which typically resemble pimples. Because your “acne” might not be acne after all, consider seeing a professional to receive an accurate diagnosis. Also, your dermatologist can prescribe effective treatments that you won’t find over the counter.

Product picks:

Streamline your beauty routine

As women get older, they typically apply more (and heavier) makeup to conceal imperfections. This actually has the opposite effect: Heavy foundation and too much powder create a cakey complexion and can even highlight fine lines by settling into the creases of your wrinkles.

Instead of hiding your features, here’s how to enhance them and look younger:

Consider in-office options

You might be considering more dramatic procedures to rejuvenate the face. Here are the facts on two common options:

How Botox works: Approved in 2002 for frown lines between the eyebrows (elsewhere on the face is considered “off-label” use), Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle – injecting a short-term wrinkle antidote to the respective area.

The average cost of Botox injections is roughly $400, with results lasting four to six months. According to the Mayo Clinic, your skin type, skin thickness and the degree of wrinkles all impact the effectiveness of Botox. Some side effects include headache, nausea and flu-like symptoms. Around the treated area, you might notice temporary redness, bruising and pain.

Some debate: Some experts disagree on whether women should get Botox. In an article in Marie Claire, prominent dermatologists Fredric Brandt, M.D., (known as the “Baron of Botox”) and Nicholas V. Perricone, M.D., debated the efficacy and safety of Botox. According to Dr. Brandt, Botox is medicine that’s excellent in reducing fine lines, especially horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and lines on the neck.

On the other hand, Dr. Perricone believes that Botox is a neurotoxin that’ll actually accelerate the aging process, because Botox users lose volume in their faces. He steers his patients away from Botox.

If you choose to have Botox injections, make sure you go to a reputable and experienced professional. For more information on the Botox controversy, see here: Dr. Nelson Lee Novick Responds to Botox Controversy.

The 40s might bring new skin concerns to light, but it can also be a great time to re-evaluate your skincare regimen and find more effective products for your changing skin. Overall, take this time to repair prior damage and protect your skin from environmental damage in the future.

Learn everything you need to know about anti-aging skincare in our Anti-Aging Handbook.

A: It really depends on the condition of your skin. According to Dr. Brandt, a 25-year-old woman can have wrinkles, while a 40-year-old might have no lines in sight. If there are lines on your neck and face, particularly horizontal forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet, then you’re a good candidate for Botox, explains Dr. Brandt. A: Avoid darker lipsticks, which can bleed and feather. Instead, try rosy pinks, but avoid bright pinks, because these can also age you.

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SkinMedica, the fastest growing professional skin care company in the United States, has revolutionized the anti-aging category with the introduction of Biometa Essential Serum(TM) - the first product from SkinMedica to be launched exclusively in select international markets.

Biometa Essential Serum(TM) is an all inclusive skin care treatment that significantly addresses the visible signs of aging. This new product is the result of years of innovative scientific research that targets the natural aging pathways of the skin. Biometa Essential Serum(TM) unlocks the rejuvenation process, resulting in long lasting natural beauty.

"Our understanding of the biological pathways associated with the body's natural regenerative qualities is constantly advancing," said Rahul Mehta PhD, Executive Director of R&D. "We are dedicated to providing products with clinically demonstrated patient benefits based on the latest scientific understanding."

In clinical studies, Biometa Essential Serum(TM) showed results in all visible signs of aging that appeared short-term and continued over time. Patients in the studies reported significant improvement in the following:

88%: improved the appearance of wrinkles

97%: product is convenient to use

97%: improved skin smoothness

91%: product led to tighter, firmer skin

91%: improved skin softness

91%: improved skin texture

Biometa Essential Serum(TM) recently launched in Asia, The European Union and will launch in key regions in Latin America and Middle East soon. Visit for more information.

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Skin care expert Kate Somerville with one of her favorite clients, Debra Messing. 

How do the stars do it? You know what I mean. Look up their technical ages and their faces don't match the numbers.

Kate Somerville is partly to blame. The facial and skin care expert to the stars works on the famous mugs of Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, and Felicity Huffman to name a few gorgeous and ageless women.

In yesterday's column, Kate talked about anti-aging tips that were topical including peptides and retinols. She also said to stay away from chemical sweeteners and foods that have ten zillion things you can't pronounce. She also suggested checking with your doc to monitor post-45 hormonal changes.

Today, Kate talks about the latest anti-aging skin technology that she practices on her stars and herself.


Q: Kate, I'm so reluctant to do anything that involves cutting or injections in the name of skin care. What is an anti-aging procedure that you recommend for the faint of heart?

Kate: "Thank God for technology. Once a year, I do some level of a peel. In the wintertime, I do a Pearl, which is a new treatment that I highly recommend for women post 45. It's a laser that microscopically gets rid of sun damage and tightens skin. It also helps close enlarged pores and helps with sagging skin. I've been doing this treatment since I was 32 years old. Let's say you're 45 or 50 and you've been out in the sun. You see that your pores are a little larger and you're noticing fine lines around your mouth or eyes. The Pearl is such a refresher. Sometimes, my clients come in and need two or three of these a year. I say for many people once a year will truly keep your skin young."

Q: What does the Pearl do to keep your skin young?

Kate:  "It takes away damage and shocks your collegian to produce more of it, which is part of looking youthful. This treatment is how women in their '50s look like they're in their '30s. I swear by this sort of laser treatment."

Q: What celeb has amazing skin with little to no Botox or filler?

Kate: "Kate Walsh has been a client of mine since 2006. She comes to my clinic, but she doesn't do Botox or fillers. She has miracle skin."

Q: So many of us remember that "Sex and the City" episode where Samantha has a chemical peel and her face looks like raw hamburger meat. Are there treatments with little to no down time for healing?

Kate:  "There's Laser Genesis, which has no down time. It helps build collegian and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The Pearl has what I call five days of social downtime. You have to plan around it because you're red and we put this goop on you like a Vaseline during this time, so you walk around with a greasy face. When I do my yearly Pearl, I gear my schedule for it and get some good books, so I can hang out at home."

Q: Do you believe in micro current treatments to make skin look younger?

Kate: "We do muscle lift restoration with micro currents. We've been doing it for years. It really helps the face and neck skin stay in place. A lot of our beautiful starlets are rigorous when it comes to this treatment. They come in once a month to do it. It's like going to the gym for your skin."

Q: This isn't an invasive treatment, but I'm wondering if the Clarisonic Face Brush is worth it?

Kate:  "I love it. We use it in our treatments. A lot of our clients come in with makeup on and we want to get that layer off while getting the skin really clean. If you use the Clarisonic at home, it really does help prep the skin for exfoliation treatments and it helps your other products to penetrate."

Q: What do you suggest for dull looking, over 50 skin?

Kate:  "I'm a big believer in steaming the skin if it looks dull. You can use a pot of water or a steamer. Going in the shower is so good for you when it comes to steaming. It livens up your skin. The water plumps up the cells."

Q: There is conflicting information when it comes to putting on product. Some say that you should put product on slightly damp skin. Others say dry skin. Your opinion?

Kate:  "I like to put product on dryer skin. Then I know I'm getting the full dose of what I want."

Q: Do you trust any DIY home tips?

Kate:  "I do a lot of Epsom salts in my bath. I'll also add some fresh goat's milk, which is very moisturizing. I typically don't do DIY things on my face. I'm very sensitive, so I want to use product I know won't upset my skin."

Q: What are the biggest mistakes women over 50 make when it comes to skin care?

Kate:  "Everyone misses their neck. Take your product and run it down from your face onto your neck and to your chest. I always see women with preserved faces while at the same time they have a neck and chest that looks like they went through a war. Remember to run your serum down your neck. Also, when you get laser treatments make sure you address those areas. You'll also have a much younger looking neck and chest if you make sure to always use your sunscreen in these areas."

Q: Finally, what do you do about a husband or significant other who steals your Kate Somerville products? Do you just hide the stuff from him?

Kate:  "All my clients say their husbands steal my Deep Tissue Repair Cream or my ExfoliKate. As for my husband, I have to tie him down and put it on him. I keep saying, 'You're married to Kate Somerville and your skin looks…like that?' (She laughs.) So, I have the opposite problem of many woman!"

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