IOMA, a revolutionary and innovative evidence based skincare concept from France, launched in 2008 by INTUISKIN, a spin-off from the MEMSCAP group (nyse euronext:MEMS), continues its deployment into the perfumery network Beauty Success, its standing partner.

In fact, since 2009, Beauty Success was seduced by the original and unique approach of the French brand, based on 3 keys concepts: Evidence Based Skincare, customization and bespoke skincare treatments to offer a genuinely unique experience.

Within referenced Beauty Success institutes, IOMA therefore proposes, from almost two years on, a complete skincare procedure which combines an unprecedented skin biometric analysis system to targeted skincare regimens for a completely customized treatment.

Performed before and after the treatment with the use of the IOMA Beauty Diag(TM), a patented skin analysis device, the skin diagnosis ensures a maximized efficiency and optimized results. Composed of 25 face products at its launching, the product line was enhanced in the first semester of 2011 with a revolutionary product: The "Custom made Youth Rituals". A unique product realized by estheticians and beauty advisers in the POS according to the client's needs as they were revealed by the diagnosis device! Thus, beauty advisers of Beauty Success become genuine specialists of skin and formulation, in order to satisfy their client's well-being and good mood...

Nevertheless the brand did not stop there: it launched in May 2011 a new line of 6 high performance body products. That very diverse offer is present-day distributed in 95 Beauty Success Perfumeries all over France including all of the integrated network stores and also 15 independent stores. This brand deployment will probably carry on in the coming months.

Current affairs around the IOMA brand will continue to prosper at Beauty Success for this last quarter of 2011 with a strong will of a common growth for both partners: Participation of IOMA to the "Forum des franchises" in Biarritz on September 14, participation to the 17th anniversary campaign of Beauty Success, setting up of wide range trade marketing operation from October 31 to November 26, ... View the original article here


"It's with great enthusiasm that we enter into a partnership with Gervaise," said Karen T. Fondu, President, L'Oreal Paris.  "Professionally, she is an incredible physician who is admired and respected by her peers, and personally she is a lovely and compassionate doctor and mother.  Gervaise is an exceptional addition to the L'Oreal Paris family and truly embodies the spirit of our brand philosophy, 'Because You're Worth it.'"

"I'm so passionate about my work and about good skincare backed by real science.  For years, I have been using and recommending L'Oreal Paris skincare products to my patients because I've always been a believer that great products that deliver real results do not have to cost a fortune," says Gervaise Gerstner, M.D.  "I'm very proud to be working with the L'Oreal Paris brand because they are leading the way in bringing innovative, luxurious and accessible skin care products to women that meet their needs, while making them feel beautiful in their own skin."

Gervaise has a passion for combining the inherent art of her practice with the latest cosmetic technologies available to help people achieve the results they want.  She treats men, women and children, addressing their skincare initial concerns to helping them maintain a lifelong commitment to optimal skin health.  As L'Oreal Paris' Consulting Dermatologist, Gervaise will lend her professional insights to product development while affording an expert voice to the consumer seeking skincare advice. 

"Skincare is so personal because everyone's needs are different, from teenagers battling breakouts and acne scars, to wrinkle prone mature skin, and all types and tones in between," says Gervaise Gerstner.  "I'm looking forward to working with L'Oreal Paris to continue to develop products to meet patients' concerns and help spread the news about the importance of a daily skincare regimen with SPF protection to prevent damage and premature aging."

Gervaise Gerstner joins the L'Oreal Paris USA family of experts that includes Consulting Makeup Artist Collier Strong and Consulting Hair Stylist, Johnny Lavoy. 

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Well, NIVEA has partnered with international singing star Rihanna, as the voice of its 100-year celebration. Rihanna's latest song "California King Bed" will accompany the whole anniversary campaign internationally. Consumers will have the opportunity to win Rihanna concert tickets in various media, on the NIVEA website and at retail outlets. NIVEA products purchased during an extensive point of sale promotion that will span over 40 countries will feature one of ten million online codes that can be redeemed against exclusive Rihanna downloads on the NIVEA website, including one million music downloads, Rihanna wallpaper and photos.

NIVEA will be using Facebook and YouTube to communicate with and mobilize Rihanna's incredibly vast fan community. Rihanna will have a strong presence throughout the anniversary year. On May 15th, the brand is launching a global campaign, "100 Years of Skincare for Life," centered around the values that have been associated with NIVEA for generations: trust, honesty, reliability, quality and family. Compelling visuals have been selected to elevate the importance of skin. Each of them captures moments of closeness between people of different ages, genders and nationalities.

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Hamburg - The pharmacist who devised Nivea, generally credited as the first water-in-oil skin creme, created a brand that has become practically indestructible 100 years later.


The recipe has been refined, but the product is still basically the same creme that Oscar Troplowitz devised in 1911 in Hamburg and marketed through his manufacturing company Beiersdorf.

While Troplowitz died in 1918, stockmarket-listed Beiersdorf is still around. This year it has been jettisoning some of its minor products, after deciding they sell too slowly in the stores, and putting the emphasis back on Nivea, its mega-brand.

Nivea is still sold in many markets in traditional metal tins: 123 million of them per year. That adds up to 12,500 tons of the creme, which has a fragrance mixed from bergamot orange, regular orange, lavender, rose, lilac and lily of the valley.

The creme is available in 200 nations, according to Beiersdorf data.

Over the years, soaps and lotions have joined the range, which now comprises 500 varied Nivea products with sales in 2010 totalling 3.5 billion euros (5.1 billion dollars). That was lion's share of Beiersdorf's 5.6 billion euros of 2010 revenues.

The company will be celebrating the Nivea centenary in Hamburg this week.

In the product shakeout, Beiersdorf announced in January the sale of a premium skin-care brand, Juvena, to an Austrian company. It is also dropping slow-selling products to concentrate on big sellers.

The back-to-the-roots strategy means Beiersdorf's turnover is likely to stagnate this year.

Nivea's key ingredient, a lanolin alcohol that the company calls Eucerit, had been devised by a chemist, Isaac Lifschuetz.

It is made from wax found in sheep's wool and it keeps the creme stable so that it does not separate into oil and water.

Troplowitz, whose Jewish upbringing and life achievements were explored last year in an exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg, northern Germany, bought the patent and used the know-how to devise Nivea creme and manufacture it on an industrial scale.

His company, Beiersdorf, simply invented the name Nivea. It was inspired by the Latin word 'niveus' for white or snowy.

By 1914, Nivea was on sale in 35 nations. In many nations of the world today, people have the vague feeling that it is a local brand because their parents and grandparents used it and the name does not sound German, marketeers say.

The timeless blue-and-white colours of the brand date back to 1925. Before that it had been sold in yellow-and-green tins.

The company still keeps the exact colour mix for Nivea blue almost as secret as the precise recipe for Nivea creme itself.

The bulk of the old-style tins are still made in a metal-printing factory on the company's central Hamburg manufacturing site, with factories in Thailand and Mexico stamping out the rest of the tins and lids.

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What is Exfoliation from the skincare industry's point of view?  

Exfoliation is a procedure that involves the removal of "dead" skin cells from the skin's surface. Theoretically this sounds logical, and that exfoliation should benefit the skin.

In practice, it is impossible to perform mechanical or chemical exfoliation without damaging other layers of the skin which means: breaking reproductive and differentiating ability of the skin, exhausting its natural resources that causes the dysfunction of re-synthesis of connective tissue elements (elastin, collagen, fibronectin and other structural proteins), and overall interferes with the skin's normal functioning. 

 What is Exfoliation from the physiological point of view?  

Today, it is a well known fact that one of the most important functions of the cell is to synthesize active ingredients necessary for normal metabolism. The cells (except some for the brain) constantly go through genetically determined renewal cycles with a different speed that depends on age.  

There is no such definition as a "dead" cell in the Living System. A so-called "dead" cell is transformed from one function (to synthesize new substances, etc) into another -Skin Barrier Function that serves as our "body guard."  

How does Skin react to Forced Exfoliation? 

The purpose of any exfoliation is to increase the speed of cell regeneration by forcefully shedding the superficial layer of the skin. This procedure interferes with the body's natural regenerative processes. With each procedure, the body produces rougher skin, as a defensive response on aggression.

Unfortunately, as time passes, the dependency on exfoliation becomes more frequent, which leads to premature aging, dark spot appearances, sagginess, skin dryness, brown spots, skin sensitivity, allergic reactions, etc.   

BIONOVA's Standpoint 

BIONOVA believes that the Human Body is a perfect creation that has everything in balance. The natural exfoliation occurs at the body's own speed. We trust the body's own processes by recognizing and appreciating them. 

The skincare regimen that helps normalize skin metabolism and enhance the Barrier System, is the key to Healthy and Beautiful looking skin.

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