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Revolutionary: The groundbreaking pill can both tackle crow's feet and protect against sun damage

A groundbreaking anti-wrinkle tablet has now been found to provide an extra service to help keep skin smooth.

The revolutionary product can  help the body to build its own barrier against the sun too - offering Factor 10 protection.

The supplement has become popular for tackling laughter lines and crow's feet, but can also give the skin a basic defence against harmful UV rays, according to researchers in Essex.

Scientists discovered that the pill strengthens small blood vessels that provide nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Colladeen Visage contains lutein and anthocyanidins, which are beneficial for the inner and outer layers of skin, according to The Sun.

Biochemist Dr Sam Christie, who reviewed the three-month medical trials, said the tablet had visible effects on the appearance of skin because it supports structures beneath the surface, including collagen.

'Plants protect themselves from sun damage with pigments such as lutein and anthocyanidins,' she said.

'When these are present in high quantities in our diet we see a complex effect on skin chemistry: a natural SPF is achieved.'

The tablet will therefore have a similar effect to a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables - improving blood flow and protecting the skin from sunlight damage.

No more burning: Colladeen Visage helps the body to develop its own Factor 10 defence against UV rays

But Dr Christie warned that fair-skinned people taking the pill would still need to stay out of the sun at peak times or use a high-factor sunblock.

The SPF created is low, meaning it cannot completely replace lotions just yet.

Three-month trials on 60 men and women were carried out by the independent Aspen Laboratories in Maldon, Essex, with more planned for the future.

People who took the tablet daily had an enhanced defence against sun damage.

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Source: The Cos Bar

The ever-youthful Lily Garfield of The Cos Bar shares spring skincare tips that work.

Lily Garfield knows a thing or two about taking care of your skin. She's a pioneer in the beauty boutique industry, having opened her first cosmetic and skincare Cos Bar emporium in 1976. Now, with a total of 12 locations dotted throughout the U.S., she's a living example of how doting on your skin can make you look younger.

She tests every single product before it hits The Cos Bar's shelves. In this way, it needs to get the Lily stamp of approval before it's sold.

Being the guinea pig has paid off. Just look at her skin. She's plastic surgery free and over 60.

Below, her tips on how you can upgrade your skincare so that you can, in her words, best "retard the process of aging."

What's the number one thing women over 40 need to consider when it comes to their skincare?

Proper cleansing. When women come into Cos Bar, you hear them talking about this moisturizer or that moisturizer and how it's not performing. Chances are the moisturizers are not penetrating the skin. You penetrate by getting rid of that top layer of skin. The big answer is exfoliation.

How do you find out they are not cleansing efficiently?

I ask them—and you have to ask yourself—is there a product in your routine that is a scrub, a Clarisonic or a clarifying lotion? So after using all these moisturizers, they admit to using just use soap and water to cleanse! If you do that, you still have that top layer of dead skin.

How often should you exfoliate?

Believe it or not, as long as you are gentle and not overdoing and abusing it, you can exfoliate every day whether it is a physical or chemical exfoliant. It's not any different than a man shaving every day.

What do you use for general cleansing?

For over 40 years I've never used soap on my face. I only use facial wash or cleansers. I don't even use soap on my body. There is a residual feeling you get from soap.

If not soap, then what?

I prefer liquid bath gels like those by Mademoiselle, Molton Brown, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Bliss...everything from fragrance to non-fragrance. And I always apply with a puff. It feels like you are taking a bubble bath in your shower.

As we transition from winter to spring, what is a MUST in terms of skincare changes a woman over 40 needs to make to adapt to the weather?

Twice a year I recommend my customers invest in ampoules. I explain it to costumers like this. In the fall you are shedding your summer coat and now that spring is upon us, you are shedding your winter coat. You want to boost up the energy of the skin beyond your daily exfoliation.

What are ampoules?

Ampoules are intensive treatments that you do for one month. The one that gets the greatest results is RéVive Peu Magnifique. It's a process, to use a spring analogy that primes the DNA of the skin to come out blossoming. To use the analogy further, it's like fertilizing your skin.

How much does it cost?

They come at cost, $1500 for the RéVive, but you do this just twice a year. This is a real way of how you can totally retard the process of aging. I always say you cannot stop aging, but you can slow it down....

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My 3-year-old loves bubble baths. Nothing delights her more than the chance to sneakily empty an entire bottle of soap into the tub at night in an attempt to maximize the volume of suds. We go through a lot of liquid soap and in order to keep from draining our savings account to finance our kid’s bubble habit we purchase it in bulk and as cheap as we can find it.

We also opt for the no tears 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, soap combination, not only because it’s cheap, but also because at day’s end when bath time occurs, I’m exhausted and using one type of soap to clean my kid from head to toe is, well, too appealing to pass up. 

According to market research company Euromonitor International, we may soon be alone in our pursuit of cheap soaps and lotions as sales of premium baby care products have risen 68 percent from 2005 to 2010. As a comparison, total baby care sales rose by only 16 percent in that same time period.

The most popular brand in skincare for babies is still Johnson & Johnson, (though they recently released their own all natural line) but other big name companies like Sephora have begun catering to the rising demand for luxury baby care items by offering a variety of high-end products., one of the country’s largest online baby stores, has seen the sale of luxury skin care products increase by 180 percent over the last three years. Its top seller is a 4 ounce can of calendula cream from California Baby that will set you back $21.

So, what do these fancy creams, lotions, and soaps provide for their hefty price tag? Typically, they use more organic ingredients like aloe and plant extracts and less chemicals which have the ability to cause skin irritation in little ones. As Shivani Vora of the New York Times points out, “In the world of baby body care, health has become synonymous with luxury.”

If you want your child to be bathed and moisturized in organic, chemical free products you’re going to have to pay for it and, according to the market research, many are willing to do so. What do you think? Are these products a splurge or a necessity?

 High End Skincare for Babies: Necessity or Luxury?

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Most of the products offered in the beauty industry are made of earth derived ingredients and botanical raw materials, which means that the industry has been attempting to copy nature. However, BIONOVA’s simple and logical approach copies from a human body.

Using its proprietary technologies and vast knowledge in biochemistry and human physiology, BIONOVA reproduces ingredients similar to the ingredients generated by a human body. The company’s Hyper-Natural ingredients are naturally compatible with the skin, enabling the skin to self-restore, self-heal, and replace the broken links.

BIONOVA's in-house delivery system serves the purpose of supplying these Hyper-Natural ingredients to the designated places. The Hyper-Natural ingredients positioned on to the delivery system form a unit termed as NANO-COMPLEX. With this proprietary technology, BIONOVA is able to tackle most of the skin problems by forming a NANO-COMPLEX to deal with a specific problem of a person, thus paving the way for customization.

BIONOVA has transformed the beauty industry with an innovative concept of copying a human body instead of nature. The company has developed a new kind of ingredients named as Hyper-Natural. The company’s NANO-COMPLEX plays a vital role in improving the efficiency of all its products. It has realized the significance of improving the barrier system of skin, the largest body organ. These components accelerate the company’s growth in the beauty industry.


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I’m a beauty-product junkie. If it promises to tighten, smooth and fill, I’m sold. Obviously, I’m not alone, and all the beauty-care manufacturers know it. With myriad new products emerging every single month, I could spend my entire blog reviewing nothing else.

Luckily for me, I have some fun Sassy Guest Bloggers who share my passion/obsession, and are eager to relate their experiences. Because, really, who can’t use a girlfriend’s opinion before you throw down that credit card for another expensive moisturizer, right?

This week, SassyCityGirl introduces Kate Jiggins author of the blog, Lipgloss and Life. She’s an animal-lover, all-around great writer, and self-proclaimed “product princess.” Oh, and did I mention she just adopted the most adorable Goldendoodle puppy? My crystal ball sees doggie-product reviews in our future! ENJOY!

~Michele Costanza, SassyCityGirl


Suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion

by Kate Jiggins

I am not a big fan of cleansers that leave a residue-feeling on my face after washing. I wash my face because I want it to feel squeaky clean, and I moisturize it afterward to restore it. I don’t need my face wash to leave anything on my skin. I was therefore understandably a bit reluctant to try anything called “cleansing lotion,” but I’m a good sport and I love natural skincare, so I thought, one day won’t kill me.

Suki: Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion

I first sniffed it – may seem weird, but I am super scent-oriented and anything too perfumey totally puts me off. In the bottle, it smelled like lemon meringue, which was a huge plus for me. During use, however, it has a strong, distinct herbal smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s almost a medicinal smell, but (to me) that’s not a bad thing. I would much prefer a medicinal/herbal/antiseptic smell caused by some natural ingredient than a strong fake odor caused by a chemical fragrance(I’m looking at you, Lancôme).

The bad news: It definitely leaves a noticeable residue. My skin does NOT feel “squeaky clean” in the way I like and am used to. But wait, don’t stop reading yet.

The good news: My skin has never looked better. I am soft, dewy, and hydrated. My friend Somer told me today that I look like I’m glowing! All these years, estheticians have recommended cream face washes to me because I am prone to dry skin and take uber hot showers, and I have tried many different ones only to give up because I don’t like that residue feeling. But if there’s a natural cleanser that smells okay AND is going to make my skin look like a million bucks – well, I guess I better get over my residue issue.

I’ve been using this cleanser for almost a week now, and haven’t experienced any clogged pores or breakouts. And when you see the ingredient list, it’s small wonder why – this is a super natural product. The top ingredient is rose water!

I will definitely keep using Suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion, and probably investigate the rest of their line as well. C’est magnifique!

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