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Philippe Cohen, the makeup maker, is taking his cosmetics plant to Palm Springs. It is important to consider that this era, characterized by the manufacturing firms moving overseas, is not one of the reasons behind the decision of Cohen to take his cosmetics firm no farther than the county lines.

Cohen owns Deerfield Beach-based Oxygen Holdings. He plans to build a 218, 000 square-foot manufacturing plant and headquarters in Palm Springs. According to Cohen, why would he take the company farther when there is a place nearer? He stated further, “To move overseas is late to the party right now. Why go somewhere else?”

Oxygen Holdings is a manufacturing firm that makes hair and skin products for cosmetic companies that already have brand-names. Cohen emphasized that a lot of his clients are willing to pay a little more if the products are made close to home, which is why he did not opt for far regions.

Moreover, Cohen’s Oxygen Holdings plant in Palm Springs is now considered to be the largest economic development project in the place’s history. The company is targeting to have 400 workers.

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