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Source: The Cos Bar

The ever-youthful Lily Garfield of The Cos Bar shares spring skincare tips that work.

Lily Garfield knows a thing or two about taking care of your skin. She's a pioneer in the beauty boutique industry, having opened her first cosmetic and skincare Cos Bar emporium in 1976. Now, with a total of 12 locations dotted throughout the U.S., she's a living example of how doting on your skin can make you look younger.

She tests every single product before it hits The Cos Bar's shelves. In this way, it needs to get the Lily stamp of approval before it's sold.

Being the guinea pig has paid off. Just look at her skin. She's plastic surgery free and over 60.

Below, her tips on how you can upgrade your skincare so that you can, in her words, best "retard the process of aging."

What's the number one thing women over 40 need to consider when it comes to their skincare?

Proper cleansing. When women come into Cos Bar, you hear them talking about this moisturizer or that moisturizer and how it's not performing. Chances are the moisturizers are not penetrating the skin. You penetrate by getting rid of that top layer of skin. The big answer is exfoliation.

How do you find out they are not cleansing efficiently?

I ask them—and you have to ask yourself—is there a product in your routine that is a scrub, a Clarisonic or a clarifying lotion? So after using all these moisturizers, they admit to using just use soap and water to cleanse! If you do that, you still have that top layer of dead skin.

How often should you exfoliate?

Believe it or not, as long as you are gentle and not overdoing and abusing it, you can exfoliate every day whether it is a physical or chemical exfoliant. It's not any different than a man shaving every day.

What do you use for general cleansing?

For over 40 years I've never used soap on my face. I only use facial wash or cleansers. I don't even use soap on my body. There is a residual feeling you get from soap.

If not soap, then what?

I prefer liquid bath gels like those by Mademoiselle, Molton Brown, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Bliss...everything from fragrance to non-fragrance. And I always apply with a puff. It feels like you are taking a bubble bath in your shower.

As we transition from winter to spring, what is a MUST in terms of skincare changes a woman over 40 needs to make to adapt to the weather?

Twice a year I recommend my customers invest in ampoules. I explain it to costumers like this. In the fall you are shedding your summer coat and now that spring is upon us, you are shedding your winter coat. You want to boost up the energy of the skin beyond your daily exfoliation.

What are ampoules?

Ampoules are intensive treatments that you do for one month. The one that gets the greatest results is RéVive Peu Magnifique. It's a process, to use a spring analogy that primes the DNA of the skin to come out blossoming. To use the analogy further, it's like fertilizing your skin.

How much does it cost?

They come at cost, $1500 for the RéVive, but you do this just twice a year. This is a real way of how you can totally retard the process of aging. I always say you cannot stop aging, but you can slow it down....

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You may have spent your teenage and college years kicking back in t-shirts and shaving only on special occasions, but there comes a time when you must up the fashion and grooming ante. It’s a natural transformation as you mature, and thankfully, just a few minor modifications are all it takes to transform your style from novice to in-the-know.

Know the power of accessories

No one wants to be left in the dust when it comes to fashion, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in ever-changing seasonal trends. Although a few of-the-moment pieces can update your wardrobe, there’s nothing more powerful than timeless, classic accessories that last for years, get better with age, and – in most cases – are totally worth the splurge. Here are a few key, practical pieces to add to your wardrobe as your budget allows:

Classic watch: Since most men carry a cell phone, watches have become a less integral item in most male wardrobes. But keep in mind that a watch is a useful way to make a style statement. Consider adding a classic watch that’ll stand the test of time and work with virtually any outfit to your accessory arsenal.

What to choose? About website guide Daniel Billet recommends selecting a stainless steel band since it’s more durable than leather. Also, skip colors which can fade in and out of style depending on the season, and keep in mind that the watch face should be oversized. If you’re a big guy – go for a larger face so it doesn’t look like you borrowed your wife’s watch!

Learn to coordinate pattern and color

Plenty of men panic at the thought of coordinating a patterned shirt with a patterned tie. Some also shy away from mixing color into their wardrobe, just to avoid a style blunder. But there’s no need to limit your clothes to solid, neutral shades. Here’s what you need to know:

Get to know your tailor

If there’s one person who can take your wardrobe up a notch overnight, it’s your tailor. With measuring tape, pins and a little thread, the off-the-rack clothes that bunch here and ride up there will fit to your measurements.

And, if it’s in the budget, consider having a custom suit made just for you. If you consider cost per wear, it has the potential to become the most economical item in your closet. To find a great tailor, get recommendations from your best dressed friends or co-workers. Remember to inquire about experience and request client references before making your choice.

Don’t be salon shy

Getting groomed by a professional is not just for the ladies. Sophisticated guys understand the value of a great grooming session, from brows and face to nails and hair. But, should you hit the day spa or head to a barbershop for your routine maintenance? Here’s what you can expect from each:

Still uneasy about setting foot in the salon? Invest in at-home grooming tools like the CHI Spider All-in-One Clipper and Trimmer or The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit. Plan to do your tweezing at night, so redness has time to subside. Now put your best face forward.

Scrub up weekly

Failing to exfoliate regularly and prepare your skin for a shave can lead to blackheads, painful ingrown hairs and a shave that’s not quite as close as it could be. Exfoliation sloughs off dead skin and encourages cell turnover, so your skin looks youthful, fresh and smooth.

Exfoliating is simple: Gently buff your face with a warm, damp washcloth as you cleanse, and you’ll notice fewer blackheads and smaller pores after a few weeks. Apply a mild exfoliating scrub like Menscience Microfine Face Scrub or Zirh Scrub once or twice weekly to damp skin.

Shield your skin

Yes, many men get away with a weathered complexion as they age, but applying a daily SPF does more than just keep your skin wrinkle-free and youthful. When applied daily, top experts agree that a hydrating layer of broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection can prevent age spots, even skin tone, and – most importantly – reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Apply SPF moisturizer to clean skin each morning (even when it’s cloudy), and reapply during the day if you spend time outdoors. Starting this one simple habit while you’re young will help your skin stay healthy and protected decades into the future.

Remember, these recommendations lay your fashion and grooming groundwork, but your style is certain to evolve through the years. Keep these timeless tips at hand and you’ll never look in the mirror and wonder why your personal appearance doesn't match the man.....View the original article here

SkinMedica, the fastest growing professional skin care company in the United States, has revolutionized the anti-aging category with the introduction of Biometa Essential Serum(TM) - the first product from SkinMedica to be launched exclusively in select international markets.

Biometa Essential Serum(TM) is an all inclusive skin care treatment that significantly addresses the visible signs of aging. This new product is the result of years of innovative scientific research that targets the natural aging pathways of the skin. Biometa Essential Serum(TM) unlocks the rejuvenation process, resulting in long lasting natural beauty.

"Our understanding of the biological pathways associated with the body's natural regenerative qualities is constantly advancing," said Rahul Mehta PhD, Executive Director of R&D. "We are dedicated to providing products with clinically demonstrated patient benefits based on the latest scientific understanding."

In clinical studies, Biometa Essential Serum(TM) showed results in all visible signs of aging that appeared short-term and continued over time. Patients in the studies reported significant improvement in the following:

88%: improved the appearance of wrinkles

97%: product is convenient to use

97%: improved skin smoothness

91%: product led to tighter, firmer skin

91%: improved skin softness

91%: improved skin texture

Biometa Essential Serum(TM) recently launched in Asia, The European Union and will launch in key regions in Latin America and Middle East soon. Visit for more information.

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KEARNEY — With summer in full swing, sunny skies are calling many people outdoors.

Between baseball games and barbecues, it can be easy to forget about skin care, but according to Angela Fredrick, a licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist at Milano Salon & Spa in Kearney, protecting skin should be a priority, especially during summer months.

What are the most important skin care products to use?

“Its important to use a good moisturizer and definitely a sun block.”

What kind of sun block is best?

“Preferably, people should use an SPF of at least 30. A big misconception is that skincare will have an SPF in it or make-up will have an SPF, but those aren’t usually enough. Everyone should use an additional SPF if they’re going to be in the sun. Another misconception is that the higher the SPF, the better the protection, but anything above 50 isn’t necessarily going to provide any more protection.”

Why is sun block so important?

“Ninety percent of aging is from the sun, and with the increase of skin cancer awareness we need to make sure that we are protecting our skin and taking care of it.”

What happens when skin gets sunburned?

“It increases the melanin in your skin. That can lead to dark spots and premature aging. When you burn, the skin tries to renew itself, however, there is only so much it can do. When the skin cells are damaged, then those cells aren’t going to be as healthy as they used to be.”

Besides sun damage, what are some common skin problems?

“In younger people, I see acne, which is difficult because acne can have so many causes. In older-age people, I see more general skin damage, maybe from when they used to go out without any SPF. People are always trying to look younger and combat wrinkles. Seventy-five percent of the products on the market today are trying to combat wrinkles.”

How can people keep skin healthy?

“A simple cleansing routine: cleanse, tone and moisturize. Here at the salon, we offer facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and body treatments. As far as maintenance, there are several masks and other good products on the market.”

What is microdermabrasion?

“The skin has several layers. You have your dermis and your epidermis, which has about six layers in it. The procedure helps remove some of those layers, which helps the skin renew itself because it senses that it needs protection. The older you get, your skin cells kind of slow down, so when you remove the top layers it helps those cells speed back up so it regenerates quicker. Microdermabrasion is the physical part of it and the chemical peel is the chemical part of it. The chemical peel is a little more penetrating.”

What are the benefits of proper skin protection?

“Looking good always seems to be No. 1, but your skin is your largest organ in your body, so you want to make sure you’re protected. Skin cancer can move quickly and can be very detrimental. The best way to fight it is to prevent it.”

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Alexis Day, Beauty Writer
Professional Makeup Artist

If you’ve ever wondered where exactly the ingredients in your makeup has come from, you’ll be pleased to find out that organic makeup brand Essential Cosmetics, by Essential Care, has become the first ever makeup line to be approved by The Fairtrade Foundation

If you have not heard of Essential Care, they have been on a mission to create the purest skincare on earth since 2003; they produced the UK’s first ever organically-certified shampoo and skincare certified to both Fairtrade and organic standard, so this new cosmetics line is a huge step into reaching the beauty mainstream, especially with our new heightened awareness of manufacturing and processing methods within makeup.

Comprising a collection of lipstick, pencils, mascara and pressed eyeshadows, this is make-up for the Mother Earth lovers, sensitive skinned, and generally more informed women amongst us because not only has it been certified 100% pure, organic and using fairly-traded ingredients, the range is also certified by the Soil Association.

Mother and daughter uber duo Margaret and Abi Weeds have spent over three years developing and creating “Essential Care,” which is a mineral-based makeup packed with the finest vitamin-rich organic plants oils, butters including the super ingredient Shea (grown and produced in Ghana, the Fairtrade certification ensures that the Ghanaian farmers get a fair wage and decent working conditions) and skin-loving native herbs such as calendula and rosemary.

Founder Margaret is a trained herbalist and aromatherapist and has been creating beauty products without synthetic ingredients since the 1980s. With a family history of eczema, her focus has always been on formulations best suited to the most sensitive or allergy-prone skin and she has had a vested interest in developing high quality, organic products.

The new cosmetics range is free from any synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fillers, bismuth oxychloride, hydrogenated oils, lead, mercury, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, silicones, talc and tree-nut oils, as well as being packaged up in a unique reusable and recyclable outer packaging.

Pleasingly for an organic makeup brand, there are plenty of colours and products to choose from: 7 lipstick shades, 3 pencils, mascara in black or brown and 2 eyeshadow palettes (Earth and Ocean – each containing 4 pressed colours. RRPs range from £8.50 to £34.50.  The mascaras, lipstick, lip pencil and pressed eye shadows are also the first ever to be certified by the Soil Association.
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