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Herbal plants and extracts have been used for centuries to keep the skin and hair healthy. Natural oils applied on the skin and face erase wrinkles and provide a healthy, youthful glow. Today more and more people are becoming aware that synthetic chemicals in skin care products can do more harm than good. That is why there is a growing demand for organic skincare products these days.

Eliminating Synthetic Chemicals

If you want your skin to stay healthy and young the first thing you should do is eliminate contact with harmful chemicals. Some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin when used for prolonged periods of time. There are times when this cannot be avoided but oftentimes you have the opportunity to make a smart choice.

Organic Skincare Products: What are they?

Organic products are fruits, vegetables or grain grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or hormones. Organic or natural skincare products contain no artificial colors or flavors. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens.

Organic products undergo minimal processing. They have antioxidant properties and help regenerate and heal the skin.

Organic Skincare Products: No Harmful Side Effects

The primary selling point of organic skincare products is that they are safe and have no harmful side effects. Natural products are effective. They often work by providing nourishment and protection to the skin and body. As a result, your skin becomes healthy and stays young longer.

There are organic skincare products that are safe for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin. Skin care products can be formulated for men and women.

Mother Nature’s Gift

The active ingredients in organic skin care products are made by Mother Nature and are good for you. Natural ingredients are compatible with the skin and are easily absorbed by the body. Skin care products containing organically produced ingredients help rejuvenate the skin for that youthful glow.

Because organic products are raised without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no harmful chemicals are spilled to pollute the soil and rivers. This means a cleaner and healthier environment.

Organic Skincare Products

Many companies offer skin care and beauty products that are certified to be organic. There are different formulations for men, women and children of all skin types, including individuals with sensitive skin. Organic skincare products include moisturizers, body wash, anti aging creams, aromatic oils, facial cleansers and toners.

Organic skincare products may cost more than their synthetic counterparts but they are safe, more effective, and eco-friendly.


Most of the products offered in the beauty industry are made of earth derived ingredients and botanical raw materials, which means that the industry has been attempting to copy nature. However, BIONOVA’s simple and logical approach copies from a human body.

Using its proprietary technologies and vast knowledge in biochemistry and human physiology, BIONOVA reproduces ingredients similar to the ingredients generated by a human body. The company’s Hyper-Natural ingredients are naturally compatible with the skin, enabling the skin to self-restore, self-heal, and replace the broken links.

BIONOVA's in-house delivery system serves the purpose of supplying these Hyper-Natural ingredients to the designated places. The Hyper-Natural ingredients positioned on to the delivery system form a unit termed as NANO-COMPLEX. With this proprietary technology, BIONOVA is able to tackle most of the skin problems by forming a NANO-COMPLEX to deal with a specific problem of a person, thus paving the way for customization.

BIONOVA has transformed the beauty industry with an innovative concept of copying a human body instead of nature. The company has developed a new kind of ingredients named as Hyper-Natural. The company’s NANO-COMPLEX plays a vital role in improving the efficiency of all its products. It has realized the significance of improving the barrier system of skin, the largest body organ. These components accelerate the company’s growth in the beauty industry.


View the original article here is witness to the ever-growing beauty product industry on a daily basis, especially products geared to preserve a youthful appearance...welcome to the world of “Anti-Aging”. A world so vast, the expansive assortment of product lines and product types on the market today seems endless.

In an effort to ease the confusion and frustration consumers endure in selecting an “Anti-Aging” treatment program, explains what takes place during the aging process and the types of ingredients necessary to combat the various stages. The following is a guideline of what to look for, including specific product recommendations to target these particular skin care needs.

While there are various factors involved during the aging process, there are four main reasons that cause skin to age. By learning what these stages are and why they occur, creating a program will be simple and will make sense. The four main stages are pigmentation, loss of collagen, skin cell deterioration and dehydration.

The production of pigment in skin is what causes discoloration, age spots, brown spots – basically, an overall splotchy appearance. These uneven skin tones prevent one from having a bright complexion since light does not reflect well on dull skin, and further preventing a vibrant and fresh look. The causes of pigmentation stem from exposure to harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, inflammation, hormones or other damaging environmental factors. The best remedy to counteract this condition is a product that will lighten or bleach dark spots and also eliminate dead skin.
Ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and Hydroquinone will cause these spots to fade with continued use, leaving skin bright and even. Eliminating dead skin will further expedite the process through exfoliation. So depending on how sensitive the skin is, be sure to choose the appropriate strength. Keep in mind that skin lighteners and skin bleaching increase sensitivity, so if redness or irritation occurs, choose a gentle formula and use the products less often.
DDF Hyperpigmentation Protect & Correct SPF 15 Retail: $65; Price $44.85
StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum Retail: $89; Price $65.99

Collagen Fibers in skin are present in a layer underneath the structure of the surface and supports the skin’s volume, texture and firmness, providing a youthful appearance. Over time, the damaging effects of the sun, pollutants, smoking and such cause the collagen fibers to break down leaving tears, spaces and gaps in the layer. As a result, the skin’s elasticity and volume are compromised due to the lack of support now that the layer has holes in it, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Since collagen fibers cannot be repaired, the only solution is to use skin care products that contain ingredients that will generate and produce new collagen.
Ingredients to help stimulate the growth of new collagen include Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, Amino Acids and most popularly, Retinol. Skin care products that contain these ingredients are will work most efficiently when used on a regular basis, as the skin continues to age.
Dr Brandt Collagen Booster Retail: $75; Price $51.99
Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus Retail: $65; Price $47.99

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Express-Times Photo | SUE BEYERWhat will keep the scales off your skin this year? Read our reviews of products to combat winter skin.By Tiffany Bentley and Kelly Huth

The onset of colder, drier weather means winter rebellious skin.

With a plethora of products on the market designed to combat and prevent the effects of winter beaten skin, we decided to weigh in on the ones that were thrown our way and also recommend the ones we use every day.

Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief
This lotion claims to moisturize for 24 hours with soothing oat oil and shea butter. The results don't seem to last that long, but we feel better knowing that more natural ingredients are listed above water (which is the final ingredient).
Retail: About $6
Available for purchase at most chain pharmacies and grocery stories. 

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance
This product claims to strengthen skin's protective barrier and leave hands and cuticles soft and smooth. The nongreasy formula promises to absorb quickly. It has a light fragrance and its main ingredients are water, glycerin and panthenol.
Retail: About $6.52
Available for purchase at most chain pharmacies and grocery stories.  

Curel Ultra Healing and Daily Moisture Lotions
Curel Ultra Healing is a remedy for extremely dry skin during the winter, but not a necessity, as it can also leave a greasy feeling if skin does not need the extra nourishment. Daily Moisture lotion suffices and offers a moisture maintenance to get ahead of winter dryness. Website product descriptions indicate Curel replenishes ceramide levels in the skin with time-release moisturizers to offer 24-hour hydration. Retail: $7.99
Available for purchase at most chain pharmacies and grocery stories.  

Olay Complete
This is a lightweight lotion that doesn't leave your face looking like a grease slick. We like that it has SPF 15 in it, because there's only so many tonics and lotions we remember to put on in a day.
Retail: Between $7-$8
Available for purchase at most chain pharmacies and grocery stories. 

Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil
Formulated in Switzerland, this all-purpose beauty oil can be used on the scalp, mixed with body lotion or applied directly to weather-distressed hands. The tube's convenient applicator makes it perfect to treat skin cracks, especially torn cuticles.
Retail: $12
Can be purchased through your local independent Arbonne consultant. Photo Courtesy of Creative Media MarketingVichy LiftActiv Night
This night formula should only be used while sleeping, where no one can see your face. Do not mistakenly use this during the day because it is potent and may be conducive to extreme shine. Product manufacturers promise visible wrinkle reduction after two weeks of use, especially for forehead wrinkles and crow's feet. The star ingredient is Rhamnose - a naturally derived plant extract that works its magic over time.
Retail: $49
Product is available at CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens and online at

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By now, you’ve probably heard of the Clarisonic skincare system. If you’d like to give it a try but aren’t quite sure how to work Clarisonic into your daily regimen, read on to learn about complementary products and tips to get the most from your device. 

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons alike recommend the Clarisonic system; it’s the go-to system for smooth, clear skin. And best of all, you don’t need special products to get good results – once you find formulas suited to your skin type, you can use Clarisonic with a wide array of products and brands. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right Clarisonic brush head for your skin and pair it with helpful products.

Finally, if you’re shopping for new formulas, learn about Clarisonic’s advanced collection of pH-balanced, paraben-free skincare products designed specially for use with the Clarisonic skincare system. There’s a formula for every skin type, and these will improve your results.

Choose your device

Oily or dry? Aging skin or acneic skin? Or maybe your skin can’t make up its mind? Clarisonic is all about personalized balance. Over time, this cleansing system will help you to get rid of both oily and dry patches, bringing your skin to a state of equilibrium. And, because your skin isn’t the same from one day to the next, you can alternate brush heads depending on what type of cleansing your skin needs on a given day.

Sensitive skin (or new to the Clarisonic system): Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head - Sensitive. This soft nylon brush head will gently but effectively cleanse your skin of impurities, without irritating sensitive complexions.

Using the device

If you’re confused about how to use your Clarisonic, or how often to use it, it’s time to make the process a little easier. Regardless of your skin type or specific concern, the steps in your daily regimen should look the same:

Prepare: Make sure that the handle is charged up in the charging cradle and your brush head is clean and ready to use. Wash: This is the penultimate step in your Clarisonic skincare ritual. First, wet your face. Then, apply just a dab of your facial cleanser to the head of the brush. Cleansing itself takes just one minute – apply the device for 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek, using a circular motion. Clean brush: When finished, simply clean the brush using a mild antibacterial soap and hot water. You can use the same brush head for 3-4 months before replacing it with a new one.

Clarisonic is gentle enough to use twice a day and only takes one minute to fully clean your face. If you’re noticing irritation, try a gentler brush head, or ask your dermatologist for a recommendation – the sensitive and delicate brush heads make deep-cleansing possible for even the most sensitive skin.

Create your regimen

Once you’re comfortable with using the device, it’s time to think about products. If you’re not satisfied with your current regimen, it’s a good time to try something more suited to your skin’s needs. The Clarisonic removes six times more makeup and twice as much dirt and oil than regular cleansing, which means that any products you invest in will be better able to penetrate into the pores. So, evaluate your regimen and decide where you’d like to make some changes.


Starting your regimen with a quality cleanser is crucial, especially when you’ve invested so much in a cleansing device. To determine if your cleanser is meeting your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

If your current product isn’t meeting your needs, it might be time to try something new.

Experiment until you find the right product for you. Clarisonic works with virtually any non-abrasive cleanser. Or, try one of Clarisonic’s targeted cleansers:


No skincare regimen would be complete without a dose of much-needed hydration. Regardless of your skin type, follow up with a facial moisturizer designed for your skin type.

Treat. Should you choose Clarisonic over your regular anti-aging formulas? Not necessarily. The Clarisonic will give your skin a deeper clean than manual cleansing, allowing your skin to better absorb nutrients and active ingredients in other products – so you’ll know that every drop of your serum is being used to its fullest.

Clarisonic will enhance the results of the treatment products you’re already using, or you might consider one of the Clarisonic products.

After you’ve mastered the art of using your Clarisonic and are satisfied with your daily products, make sure to schedule a little patience into your routine. You’ll probably notice small changes right away, like reduced pore size and cleaner skin, but long-term, visible benefits – like healthier, more radiant skin – will come with time.

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