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Rejuvenol has announced their launch of their new Argania Professional Skin Care line with Argan Oil, Collagen, Keratin and Pantheol as key ingredients. The line consists of six products: Argania Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Revitalizing Body Wash, Hand and Body Silkening Milk and Daily Cleanser.

Argania Revitalizing Body Wash (8 oz): Body wash made with Argan Oil and Shea butter that gently cleanses and moisturizes skin.

Argania Hand and Body Silkening Milk (8 oz): Made with Argan oil, Shea butter and vitamins A and D, to hydrate dull, dry, moisture deprived skin.

Argania Day Cream (50 ml): A sinergistic combination of Argan Oil with natural extracts of Watercress and Apple that help fight the look of age spots and fine wrinkles. Collagen helps improve elasticity while Hyaluronic acid increase moisture. Parabens, fragrance and artificial color free.

Argania Night Cream (30 ml): A perfect night cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Contains retinol known as the best non-prescription antiwrinkle in the market. Formulated with Shea butter and Argan Oil for intense hydration. Parabens, fragrance and artificial color free.

Argania Eye Cream (15 ml): Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and  dark circles under the eyes. A combination of polypeptides and Argan Oil also help smooth out the look of fine lines.

Argania Daily Cleanser (4 oz): Formulated to clean skin’s impurities without removing natural oils. Your skin will look and feel soft without the over drying effect of other cleansers.

For more information on these products visit

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You’ve exhausted yourself going over your PowerPoint presentation and practicing your speech for your make-or-break meeting, and now you’re sleep-deprived and worn out. How can you make a favorable impression when you don’t look and feel your best? In this article, you’ll learn how to carve out a few much-needed moments to pamper and prepare your mind and body for the spotlight. With a little relaxation and a few beauty tricks from the pros, there’s no event you can’t conquer.

Night before prep:

•    Bring out the glow. So you’ve been spending extra hours at the office? The stress and dry air could be taking its toll on your skin, leading to a dull, dehydrated complexion. Achieve instant brightening with an enzyme-rich exfoliating mask like Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant, which reduces redness and fine lines while loosening dead skin cells. The result is soft, balanced skin that glows. Or, if you’re prone to breakouts during times of stress, try a purifying clay mask like GlamGlow Tingling Exfoliating Mud Mask to draw out impurities and uncover a radiant glow that’s been hiding for weeks.

•    Get polished. Ragged nails and chipped polish are a major faux pas when it comes time to network and shake hands with the pros. Take a cue from job interview etiquette and give yourself a subtle manicure with a barely-there shade like Butter London Nail Lacquer in Hen Party. Start by clipping nails into a neat and uniform shape (like the popular squoval) and filing edges to prevent snares on your presentation-day pantyhose. Apply a coat of clear polish like SpaRitual Topcoat to seal in the color and shine, and clean up any messy spots with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover for nails that look neat and tidy. 

•    Bonus: If you have extra time, sneak away for a massage. According to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a 45-minute massage treatment can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as give your body an immune boost, which could prevent you from waking up with a cold on a day when you need to feel your best. Or de-stress at home by giving yourself a mini hand massage with a calming lotion like L’Occitane Lavender Harvest Hand Cream. Focus the pressure on reflexology points like the tops of your fingertips, and work on relieving stressful anticipation and tension in your head and neck.

Morning-of prep:

•    Banish puffiness. Got a good night sleep but still battling eye bags? Ease under-eye skin with a cooling, de-puffing eye cream that’ll perk up the delicate eye area, such as MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Eye Crème, which also illuminates dark circles with light deflecting pearls. Watch your face look – and feel – instantly refreshed and tightened.

•    Freshen up. Use a time-tested makeup artist trick to look more rested and alert. Dab a small amount of concealer like Fusion Beauty IllumiCover Line Smoothing Luminous Concealer near the inner corners of your eyes to brighten the shadowy area and impart an energized glow. When you’ve completed your makeup application, mist your face with a finishing spray like Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish to prevent colors from smudging, creasing or fading before you make your appearance.

•    Rev up with scent. Focus your mind with a dose of invigorating aromatherapy. Dab a citrus or mint essential oil blend on pulse points, or lightly spritz on a refreshing fragrance, like Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Energizing Fragrance, with vibrant grapefruit. Just be sure to apply early in the day so the scent doesn’t come on too strong when you’re in close quarters with colleagues.

•    Bonus: With a few minutes to spare before your meeting, take a meditation break to focus your thoughts. A 2008 study linked mindful meditation with cognitive flexibility and attention, which could give you an extra performance edge. Turn your focus to your breath and progressively relax your muscles in a quiet place for your own mindfulness moment.

With the right pre-meeting beauty prep, you’ll be feeling at ease when it’s time to take center stage. While your talent and hard work may be essential to take your career to new heights, these beauty tricks will help you look and feel more confident on your professional journey.

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When you’re juggling a career along with all the other demands of life, it’s easy to lose sight of your own well-being. And for most women, feeling good also means looking your best. Fortunately, we’ve got a beauty guide tailor-made for the professional working woman. Find out how to create and maintain an office-appropriate look, from the first interview to the whirlwind business trip. You’ll also get excellent ideas for minimizing stress, such as getting adequate sleep and indulging in lunchtime beauty treatments, and essential tips for looking office-ready on a budget. Plus, learn how to keep your hair and makeup fresh throughout the day, from a morning workout to an evening dinner date.

Skincare, Hair & Makeup at the Office

“Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.” - Christopher Lasch, American historian and social critic

Looking for some basic beauty tools to help you navigate the professional world? Need advice on interview-appropriate hair and makeup, or want to revamp your everyday makeup routine? Whether you’re a high-level executive or just setting out on your career path, understanding some tips and tricks of the beauty world can bring more ease to your workday and set the stage for job success.

Office Beauty Guide to a Professional Interview Appearance. Before you can demonstrate your skills in the workplace, you first have to prove that you’re the right one for the job. And in this case, the old adage “Dress for success” isn’t just a cliché. Experts confirm that presenting a competent, professional image is key to instilling a sense of confidence in employers, and hence landing the position you want. Find out how to create a polished and professional makeup look, with tips on how to emphasize your natural beauty. You’ll also find tips on hairstyle ideas, interview outfits, nail polish and accessories so that, when it’s time for the all-important interview, your appearance is the last thing on your mind – and your inner confidence can shine through.

 Makeup Looks for the Office. Conveying the right impression doesn’t end with the job interview. Whether your work environment is business casual or requires more formal attire, maintaining a professional appearance is an important part of exuding confidence and feeling your best. This article provides a step-by-step guide to prepping skin for a “natural” look that’s sophisticated but not overdone. With options for extra flourishes and variations, depending on your job’s policy and your creative license, you’ll learn methods for embracing your natural beauty while presenting an office-appropriate image.

Budget Beauty for the Office: 15 Affordable Finds. Looking for ways to create or enhance your professional appearance – without draining your bank account? In these economic times, the last thing you want is to spend a fortune maintaining the right look for your job. Fortunately, you can master a budget-friendly beauty routine that matches your skin type and lifestyle. Get tips for smart beauty buys – like multitasking formulas and DIY treatments – plus a guide to affordable hair product and makeup choices. With our frugal finds, you can show up to work every day looking fresh and put-together from head to toe, and rest assured that your hard-earned paycheck is money well-spent.

Professional Hairstyles for the Office. First impressions can speak volumes, and the hairstyle you choose is an important part of the message you send others. In the workplace, hair should reflect both professionalism and your individual personality. This article recommends haircuts for different hair types, from thick and curly to straight and fine, plus tips for simple yet polished styles that are perfect for a day at the office. Whether you’re considering a playful pixie cut, a businesslike bob or a sophisticated ponytail, use our low-maintenance guide to help you choose the right look and keep your locks healthy.

Practical Tips for Healthy Skincare at the Office. When it comes to your skin, the office environment is less than optimal, what with the drying effects of artificial air and the prevalence of work stress. Learn how to protect your skin from the elements, save time and repair damage by utilizing a few key tips. From serums and sunscreen to post-work solutions for frizz and smudged makeup, we’ve got simple ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant from 9 to 5 and beyond.

Summer Beauty Trends for the Office. Working in an office doesn’t mean you have to limit your look to neutral shades and conservative hairstyles year-round. The heat of summertime offers the perfect opportunity to add brighter colors, sun-kissed skin and looser hair to your everyday beauty routine. Depending on your working environment, you can add a splash of color to your cubicle with sunny yet discreet shades and styles. Check out this article for ideas on classic but casual updos, office-friendly hair color and summery makeup and nails.

Fall Beauty Switch-Up Part 1: 7 Tips for Office Skincare This Fall. Seasonal transitions can be hard on your complexion, especially if you need to maintain a professional appearance in the workplace. When you’re adjusting from summer to fall, concerns like flaky skin and dull hair get in the way of looking polished and fresh. In this article, learn how to repair and refresh skin for cooler weather, adding moisture and TLC to your beauty routine so that you can ease into fall both at home and at work.

Skin Protection in the Workplace: How to Defend Skin from Office Beauty Hazards. Have you ever considered how your work environment may be detrimental to the health of your skin? Between desk germs, artificial air and potential sun damage, working in an office can have unwelcome effects on your skin. Use this guide to fight back against potential office hazards, with simple tips to protecting your skin on the job.

Office Skincare for Men: 5 Tips for Confidence and Success. Whether you’re a high-level executive or working your way to the top, most men know the value of a professional appearance. However, it’s not just about a suit and tie – a foolproof skincare regimen is an important part of looking confident and office-appropriate on the job. From grooming facial hair to fighting acne and signs of aging, here’s a handy guide for any guy on the road to success.

 Create a Smoky Eye That’s Office Appropriate. Alluring eye makeup is an ancient beauty favorite, but is this look appropriate for everyday office wear? With a few simple techniques, you can create an eye-catching but understated eye makeup look that transitions seamlessly from work to evening. Discover tips on how to create the perfect smoky eye using the right palette and shades, keeping other makeup minimal to avoid an overdramatic effect. And no need to be intimidated by application tricks: use our step-by-step guide to applying flawless eye makeup that’s sultry but professional.

Workplace Beauty for the Polished Professional: 6 Beauty Products to Keep at Your Office. Pressed for time in the morning, or need a mid-afternoon beauty pick-me-up to feel polished and refreshed at the office? Here’s your list of skincare essentials to keep on hand for a harried day at work or an easy transition from a professional daytime look to a glamorous night out. From blotting paper to multi-purpose makeup and dry shampoo, learn the basics of building an emergency beauty kit for your desk drawer or purse.

Office Update: 8 Ways to Revamp Your Professional Look. When you’re working in an office every day, it’s easy to get stuck in a beauty rut. Luckily, switching up your hair and makeup look – even in subtle ways – can provide a notable boost to your daily routine. Look to this article for advice on upgrading your beauty tools, adding some shimmer to your makeup shades and updating your brows and hairstyle to stay current and sophisticated on the job.

Anti-Aging at Your Desk: 5 Healthy Skin Habits. Ready to be just as proactive about aging as you are about your career? Here are five key tips for keeping your skin smooth, youthful and protected amidst a hectic work day. Whether you’re suffering from dry skin, fatigue, stress or crow’s feet, use this guide to establish healthy habits at the office and beyond. ....................View the original article here

For most people, facials are an occasional splurge. However, working women might find them especially useful in keeping skin healthy, youthful and vibrant – especially if you maintain a hectic schedule. A regular facial can both rejuvenate skin and provide some relaxing benefits to help ease stress. Take a look at the various facials to see which one might benefit your skin.

Why a facial?

Facials are more than a pricey way to pamper your skin. They can help you stay current on the condition and needs of your skin. The Good Spa Guide, an online spa resource, identifies several other benefits. Facials can:

Cleanse: Eliminate dead skin and deep-clean pores.Balance: Even out skin tone while improving overall texture and look.Moisturize: Provide dry skin with deep hydration. Tighten and brighten: Leave skin looking firmer and refreshed.

What to know before you go

Whether it’s for pampering prior to a special event, maintaining a polished and professional appearance or treating a special skin condition, do your homework before scheduling a facial. Here are some tips:

What to expect

While there’s a wide array of facials, most have similar steps and aim to rejuvenate the skin for a younger, fresher, healthier complexion. These are the basic steps you can expect:

Classic facials

These are the basic, tried-and-true facials that offer deep cleansing benefits for almost everyone. Easy on the wallet and not very time-consuming, they’re a great place to start if you’ve never had a facial.

Teens and adults with acne

Whether you’re a teen or adult who’s battling blemishes, specialized facials can become a helpful addition to your acne-fighting arsenal.

Acne facials

Using effective products at home also is important. Between facials, keep your face clear with Murad Acne Complex Kit, which contains four acne-fighting essentials in one kit.

For an at-home option, try Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel or Kinerase Instant Radiance Facial Peel.

Anti-aging facials

Anti-aging facials aren’t only recommended for aging skin, but also for people in their late 20s to help prevent signs of premature aging. These treatments aim to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and boost collagen production. Because people with different skin types are concerned about the effects of aging, anti-aging facials aren’t one size fits all. Discuss your skin type with a specialist to address other concerns in addition to aging, such as acne during menopause, oily skin, product sensitivity, dehydrated skin or dullness.

For a dose of vitamin C at home, pick up a kit like Murad Vitamin C Infusion Home Facial Kit, which includes everything you need to replenish and brighten your skin. The MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel contains vitamins A, C and E.

Additional facials....

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In this economy, acing that first interview has never been more important. Arm your appearance with confidence, sophistication and professionalism from head to toe. From assembling your outfit to applying the perfect amount of makeup, here’s the advice you need to put your best face forward.

Just how important is your appearance when it comes to making a first impression? Extremely – according to expert image consultant Sherry Maysonave. She explains to Forbes, "That [first impression] happens in less than 30 seconds and is based entirely upon your attire." So, when it comes to an interview, creating a polished, professional appearance is essential.

1. Makeup

Whether your day-to-day face has you ready for the runway or a lazy day around the house, the makeup you apply for an interview should reflect class, comfort and confidence.

Even if you normally skip cosmetics, make an exception when it comes to an interview. According to the Daily Mail, 25 percent of employers say they’re more likely to hire a woman who wears makeup to an interview than one who doesn’t. In fact, writer Lucie Morris, who experimented with different looks in real-life face-to-face interviews for the Daily Mail, reported that attending an interview barefaced triggered an unexpected lack of confidence. Also, keep in mind that a bit of makeup will help you appear more awake and alert – making you seem ambitious to your potential employer.

While going bare isn’t advised, neither is going overboard with bright colors, shimmery sparkles or cakey layers. Remember, you want to portray a professional look – not a pageant appearance! In fact, when Morris showed up at an interview with an over-the-top heavy face of makeup – including bright red lipstick and false eyelashes – she felt like her look overshadowed her credentials, undermining her comfort, confidence and credibility. Professional makeup artist Landy Dean echoes this warning. He says, "Keep your look balanced and subtle. Avoid anything that might be overly distracting like glossy fuchsia lips, heavy foundation, or shimmery eyes."

So what’s the right amount of makeup? Morris felt the best when she wore makeup that was a little heavier than she’d normally wear. The added touch of shiny lip-gloss, slightly heavier eye shadow and blusher made her feel more like an executive – sending the right message to her potential employer.

Lastly, go easy on the perfume. Some people are incredibly sensitive to scents and may find even a subtle splash of aroma to be irritating or distracting. Many career experts recommend skipping perfume on the day of an interview. Instead, simply shower with your regular daily body cleanser and, above all, don’t forget to apply deodorant!

Interview makeup made easy. Whether your daily look is au-naturel or runway-ready, these simple steps will ensure a face that’s interview appropriate. Apply a cream foundation to even out your skin tone. If you don’t normally wear face makeup, be sure to double-check that the formula you use matches your complexion. Dermablend Cover Crème has a shade to perfectly match any skin tone. Finally, set your look with some translucent powder. Under-eye circles are an unwanted sign of fatigue. Hide them with a cream concealer and you’ll appear bright and awake – even after a sleepless night. Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30 Natural is a quick, effective fix for any imperfection on the face. Give yourself a natural, healthy glow by rubbing a cream blush, like Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush - Clarity, onto the apples of your cheeks. It’s optional to curl your lashes, but do apply one or two coats of mascara to help define your eyes. bareMinerals Flawless Defintion Waterproof Mascara adds a flawless layer of lash color without running the risk of a blurry meltdown late in the day. Lastly, splash your lips with color by using a lip stain in a subtle shade. DuWop Pure Venom Pure Berry Lip Stain is long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about re-applying.

And remember, avoid bright hues like hot pink, and skip any cosmetics that include glitter!

2. Hair

Not sure how to wear your hair for your interview? Here are some tips:

3. Outfit

Picking the perfect interview attire isn’t easy! Forbes recommends doing some research into the field or industry you’re interviewing in, and then stepping up your outfit accordingly. Typically, unless your future workplace embraces artistic expression, put aside your creative side. If you aren’t sure, stay safe and embrace a conservative outfit. Here are some tips:

4. Nails. Don’t overlook your nails. Anna Jiminez of Total Beauty points out that many people talk with their hands, so nails are often noticeable to potential employers. Take some time to manicure your nails prior to your interview. Although a professional manicure might be a nice way to relax and relieve stress the day before the interview, a simple kit like Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit is all you need to clean up your nails. And no polish is necessary – but if you do sport a color, make sure that it’s a subtle, sheer shade and fix any chips.

5. Accessories. When you arrive at your interview, it’s important that you feel confident in the way you look. Adding one or two accessories to your outfit can pull together and personalize a professional appearance.

When interviewing for a job, your appearance should be the last thing on your mind. Ensure a stress-free morning routine the day of your interview by practicing your look beforehand. Apply your makeup, try on your outfit and experiment with how you want to wear your hair. And, if possible, have your partner, friend or family member constructively critique your appearance. That way, you can sidestep snafus and reduce your stress on the day of the all-important interview....

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