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Herbal plants and extracts have been used for centuries to keep the skin and hair healthy. Natural oils applied on the skin and face erase wrinkles and provide a healthy, youthful glow. Today more and more people are becoming aware that synthetic chemicals in skin care products can do more harm than good. That is why there is a growing demand for organic skincare products these days.

Eliminating Synthetic Chemicals

If you want your skin to stay healthy and young the first thing you should do is eliminate contact with harmful chemicals. Some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin when used for prolonged periods of time. There are times when this cannot be avoided but oftentimes you have the opportunity to make a smart choice.

Organic Skincare Products: What are they?

Organic products are fruits, vegetables or grain grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or hormones. Organic or natural skincare products contain no artificial colors or flavors. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as parabens.

Organic products undergo minimal processing. They have antioxidant properties and help regenerate and heal the skin.

Organic Skincare Products: No Harmful Side Effects

The primary selling point of organic skincare products is that they are safe and have no harmful side effects. Natural products are effective. They often work by providing nourishment and protection to the skin and body. As a result, your skin becomes healthy and stays young longer.

There are organic skincare products that are safe for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin. Skin care products can be formulated for men and women.

Mother Nature’s Gift

The active ingredients in organic skin care products are made by Mother Nature and are good for you. Natural ingredients are compatible with the skin and are easily absorbed by the body. Skin care products containing organically produced ingredients help rejuvenate the skin for that youthful glow.

Because organic products are raised without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no harmful chemicals are spilled to pollute the soil and rivers. This means a cleaner and healthier environment.

Organic Skincare Products

Many companies offer skin care and beauty products that are certified to be organic. There are different formulations for men, women and children of all skin types, including individuals with sensitive skin. Organic skincare products include moisturizers, body wash, anti aging creams, aromatic oils, facial cleansers and toners.

Organic skincare products may cost more than their synthetic counterparts but they are safe, more effective, and eco-friendly.

Need a little help to make your beauty goals a reality? We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re struggling with a skin condition like eczema or acne, seeking relief from menopause symptoms or simply want to reinvigorate your makeup, fashion and skincare routines. Looking for tips on creating an office-appropriate look or finding cutting-edge beauty products on a budget? Want to integrate more natural products into your baby’s skin care? Exploring ways to reduce stress and pamper your skin at home? Discover a total skincare and beauty transformation with our Top 100 articles.

2011 might feel like ancient history, but last year’s beauty lessons can last a lifetime. Among our usual offerings of informative beauty articles, Skincare-News presented a 12-month beauty calendar to help transform your skincare routine, new articles devoted to women’s beauty concerns during menopause, a complete handbook on polishing your look for the office and much more – from hair care and scalp conditions to fashion and beauty.

Read on for the top 100 articles to keep you informed and gorgeous throughout the year.

Skincare & beauty calendar

Sidestep Stale Skin Care: How to Reconsider Your Routine (Skincare Monthly Series - January). Have you been thinking about updating or improving your skin care regimen? Here’s the perfect opportunity. Take advantage of our monthly skincare series that’ll guide you, step-by-step, through a total skincare makeover. From identifying your skin type to visiting the dermatologist, check out this article to get started.Update Your Skin Care Arsenal (Skincare Monthly Series - February). Did you know that your beauty products carry an expiration date? Whether it’s sunscreen or mascara, using outdated formulas can compromise your health and appearance. Take this opportunity to optimize your beauty regimen by cleaning out your arsenal of products. Read this article to find out which items to keep – and which to toss (and when!). Dermatologist 101: How a Visit Can Transform Your Routine (Skincare Monthly Series - March). Whether you’re 15 or 55 and have the perfect complexion or problem-prone skin, a routine visit with a dermatologist is an essential component of every skin care routine. Discover how an annual appointment can potentially transform the health and feel of your complexion as well as what to expect when you arrive. Experience a New Way to Pamper (Skincare Monthly Series - April). Did you know that pampering is essential for your skin’s health? In addition to bringing much-needed mental relief after a stressful workday, pampering treatments – like massages, manicures and facials – also boast skin-healthy benefits that improve the way you look and feel. So, before you put it off, learn about some classic – and creative – ways to pamper. Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Month With Skin-Saving Screening (Skincare Monthly Series - May). Contrary to popular belief, skin cancer is a growing concern for all ethnicities – whether you burn instantly or tan with ease. This article provides essential information about how to screen for skin cancer at home – and when to seek a professional opinion. Reinvent Your Summer Skin Care Routine (Skincare Monthly Series - June). Warm weather is just around the corner. Take some time to ready your skin care regimen for a more revealing wardrobe and some inevitable sun exposure. Bookmark this article to have our top picks for sunscreen, self-tanners and hair care formulas just a click away, and plan ahead to create a beach-ready look. Evaluate Your Skin Care Journey So Far (Skincare Monthly Series - July). No matter where you are on your skincare journey, it’s important to reevaluate your regimen from time to time and measure your progress. As a part of our year-long guide to transforming your skin care routine, this article provides advice for assessing and improving your habits. Back To School Beauty Guide Part One: Ten Up-and-Coming Skin Care Ingredients (Skincare Monthly Series – August). With all the fancy marketing that accompanies the beauty industry, it can be tough to tell which ingredients are hype – and which are truly game-changers in the world of skin care. Even if you’re not a student, it pays to study up on some of the new up-and-coming skin care ingredients. Read this article to learn about the latest and greatest beauty ingredients to look for during your next shopping trip. Back To School Beauty Guide Part Two: Ten Tried and True Skin Care Ingredients (Skincare Monthly Series – September). Even though an ingredient may be touted as the “next best thing” on the skin care market, unless it has credible research to support its claims, be wary about spending an arm and a leg. When in doubt, turn to the tried and true skin care ingredients that have proven themselves through the test in time. Read this article to learn about our top 10 skincare staples. Winter Beauty Guide: Skincare Routine for Cooler Weather (Skincare Monthly Series - October). Be ready when winter arrives. Common cold weather concerns like dull skin and dry hair don’t have to interfere with the way you look and feel when the temperature drops. Bookmark this article and stock up on the formulas that’ll weatherproof your winter skin and hair care regimen. ‘Tis the Season For Style: Tips For Enhancing Your Holiday Look (Skincare Monthly Series - November). It’s never too soon to start thinking about the holidays. Nail down your look early so you have plenty of time to spare for shopping, baking and the myriad other demands of the season. This fashion-forward guide features essential style and skincare tips so you can be a holiday showstopper from head to toe. Celebrate Skincare Success! And Make Your Holiday Beauty Wish List (Skincare Monthly Series - December). On any of life’s journeys – whether it’s toward a healthier lifestyle or adopting a better skin care regimen – measuring and celebrating is always a necessary step. As the final piece of our 12-month series, this article will help you evaluate your progress and find the perfect reward for your hard work.

Anti-aging and menopause

Menopause and Your Changing Skin: Top 10 Questions. As menopause approaches, you’ll have plenty of concerns about the ways your body is changing – including your skin. Luckily, there are steps you can take to maintain and even improve the health of your complexion during menopause. This article features 10 of the top questions – along with expert answers – about skincare during menopause. Oily Skin During Menopause: 7 Ways to Manage Symptoms. For some women, menopause brings some unwanted skin changes. If you’re experiencing oily skin, then this article has the expert advice you need to control the excess grease. Take a look at these seven tips and you’ll be well on your way to healthy, radiant and shine-free skin. Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen in Your 40s: Managing Acne, Wrinkles and Skin Damage. The older you get, the more important it is to maintain a proactive, effective skin care regimen that’s tailored for your complexion. In this article, you’ll discover the formulas and ingredients you need to successfully tackle the signs of aging, adult acne and other age-related skin care challenges. Dry Skin During Menopause: Correct and Protect. Has menopause transformed your once-balanced complexion into a dry, flakey disaster? Have no fear – this article has the essential information you need to restore healthy hydration for soft, supple skin that you can feel good about. Menopause and Anti-Aging Skin Care in Your 50s. As your 50s arrive, arm yourself with a more aggressive anti-aging regimen. Infuse your skin care regimen with the ingredients that are most effective for reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Plus, find out whether professional treatments like facelifts and Botox are the right solution for your skin. Menopause and Troublesome Skin: Skincare Solutions for Menopausal Acne and Skin Conditions. When it comes to menopause, there may a lot to worry about – including hot flashes, hormones and other health issues. Leave the skin care stress to us. From acne to oily skin, here are effective solutions for solving the challenges that may face your menopausal complexion. 7 Reasons to Embrace Aging. In the age-obsessed culture that we live in, we often forget that there’s more to growing older than lines and wrinkles. In fact, there are some hard-earned benefits! From a well-developed sense of style to the self-assurance you wish you’d had in your twenties, this article will transform your outlook about getting older. Fashion for Mature Women: 5 Anti-Aging and Beauty Tips. While you may not be able to pull off the flashy, more revealing trends you flaunted in your 20s, there’s no reason that mature women shouldn’t have some fun with their style. Read this article to discover timeless and age-appropriate beauty tips that’ll reveal a fresh, more youthful appearance – no matter how old you are. Prevent Menopause Symptoms Now: 6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Skin. Even though menopause might be still a few years – or a decade – away, how you care for your skin now can influence how it looks and feels later on when the symptoms of menopause may accelerate aging or alter your skin type. This article offers six important steps for improving your skincare regimen for a healthier, more youthful complexion later in life.Hair Loss During Menopause: 6 Steps to Minimize Symptoms. Although it doesn’t affect a large percentage of menopausal women, the thinning or loss of hair during menopause can be devastating. Whether you’re pre-menopausal or already seeing signs that your hair might be changing, take the time to review six effect strategies for keeping your locks strong and healthy. Top 5 Ways Retinol Can Improve Your Skin. By now, it probably seems like there’s a brand new “must try” skin care ingredient every time you go to purchase a new product. In a market that’s packed full of miracle cures, the effectiveness of the latest, greatest ingredient is sometimes hard to predict. But, if you’re looking for an anti-aging ingredient that’s backed by a huge body of clinical research, retinol should be the first ingredient on your list. Beauty During Menopause: 10 Ways to Pamper Your Skin. Pampering should be a part of every beauty regimen, but it’s especially essential during menopause. Keep this article on file for 10 restorative treatments that’ll help you survive – and help your appearance thrive – before, during and after the menopausal years.

Skincare, beauty & fashion tips

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist. Incorporating a routine visit with a dermatologist is a smart step to include in any beauty regimen. He or she can help you develop an effective skin care plan that’s tailored to meet your needs. In order to make the most of your visit, it’s important to think ahead about the key questions you should ask. Here are five questions to consider. 5 Skin-Soothing Ingredients. Looking for some tried and true ingredients to add to your skin care regimen? Read this article to learn about five soothing, natural ingredients including aloe vera, chamomile, oatmeal and more. Discover how each has the potential to infuse your complexion with healthy radiance. Skin Care Essentials: 7 Beauty Must-Haves for Home. When it comes to maintaining your health and appearance, there are some basic essentials that every beauty regimen should boast. From body cleansers to the right lip balm, read about the seven must-have items to include in a basic beauty routine and browse our top product picks.Fashion-forward on a Dime: 20 Beauty Products Under $10. Is a limited beauty budget keeping you from achieving the look you want? Thankfully, with a growing market of affordable, effective products that don’t compromise quality for low cost, you can look trendy and fashion-forward without breaking the bank. Read this article for 20 of our favorite products – all 10 bucks or less. The Truth About Glycerin for Sensitive Skin: Beauty Expert Responds to Reader’s Skincare Concern. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide which ingredients to include – and which to skip – in your beauty regimen. And, if you have sensitive skin, it might be especially hard. Read this article for expert advice about one particular ingredient – glycerin – and which skin types it works best for. Men’s Essential Fashion & Grooming Tips. This is the ideal article for any guy who’s looking for a little bit of a boost when it comes to his sense of style or grooming habits. This “guy’s guide” includes expert accessorizing ideas, hair care tips and skin care advice that’s perfect for any man – whether he needs a little refresher or is just embarking on a more refined look.

Office beauty

Office Beauty Guide to a Professional Interview Appearance. In a bad economy, acing that interview is a crucial step in any woman’s career. And creating a good first impression hinges on an appearance that exudes confidence and success from head to toe. In this article, learn some easy skin care, hair care and cosmetic tips to create a radiant appearance for your next interview. Makeup Looks for the Office. The ideal makeup look for the office should be pretty, flattering and not take too much time out of a busy professional woman’s day. An overly made-up face is never appropriate for a day of business meetings, but too little makeup doesn’t send a professional impression, either. Here’s how to strike a balance. Budget Beauty for the Office: 15 Affordable Finds. Dressing for success means creating a professional appearance the moment you walk through that office door. But if budget concerns are coming between you and your ideal workplace image, here are some tips to put together a fresh, professional look without spending more money than you make. Professional Hairstyles for the Office. The hairstyle you wear to work is more than just a reflection of personal style – it can also make you look the part of a confident, successful businesswoman. A too-casual style might actually be holding you back in your career. But an office hairstyle doesn’t have to be dull; here’s how to create a hairstyle that looks professional and also suits your personality. Summer Beauty Trends for the Office. Take a hint from long days spent at the beach and create an office look inspired by summer’s beauty trends. While some shades are a bit too bright for the office, it’s easy to tone down summer’s prettiest shades for a sun-kissed appearance that’s appropriate in a professional setting. Skin Protection in the Workplace: How to Defend Skin from Office Beauty Hazards. For the professional woman, thinking about the environment in your office might seem like something you just don’t have time for. But from the cold and flu germs that cling to your keyboard and mouse to the recycled air that’s causing dehydration to your complexion, it’s time to learn how to protect your skin during the workday. Office Skincare for Men: 5 Tips for Confidence and Success. As a professional male in the office, you probably think far less about your hair and skin than the impression you’re making with that new client. But beyond your suit and tie, it’s time to think about how spending a few extra minutes on your skin each day can have a dramatic improvement in creating a look of confidence and success. Create a Smoky Eye That’s Office Appropriate. Seductive eye makeup dates as far back as Cleopatra’s time, in 36 BC. While that Egyptian smoky eye, complete with dark kohl liner, may be stunning, it’s not exactly an office-appropriate look. Here’s how to modify the classic smoky eye for a subtler daytime version. Workplace Beauty for the Polished Professional: 6 Beauty Products to Keep at Your Office. Have you ever found yourself with a makeup situation that you couldn’t fix at work because all your beauty tools were at home? Don’t panic; here’s how to create a makeup kit that you can easily stash at your office desk to keep your look pretty and polished throughout your workday. Office Update: 8 Ways to Revamp Your Professional Look. Is your daily office makeup routine becoming boring and dull? By making a few changes in your regimen, you can rejuvenate your beauty routine – without spending a lot of money on new products or getting up at the crack of dawn. Anti-Aging at Your Desk: 5 Healthy Skin Habits. Putting in extra hours at work might seem impressive to your boss, but are you neglecting your skin? When stress levels are high and there’s not enough time for preventative anti-aging measures, your skin will soon show the signs of premature aging. Learn about some easy fixes that will improve your complexion and have you back to work before you know it. Late for Work? The 30-Minute Routine. Whether you stayed up far too late preparing for a morning meeting or just hit the snooze button too many times, a rushed morning can bring added stress to the workday. Learn how you can save time in your morning routine and create a fresh appearance in 30 minutes or less. 10 Beauty Tips for the Business Traveler. If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the ins and outs of business trips – from dealing with flight delays to finding a hotel last-minute. But how does your skin fare after extended travel? Find out how to keep up your good skincare habits away from home for a healthier complexion. Fix Makeup Mishaps with the Ultimate Office Beauty Tool Kit. You spent all morning perfecting your ideal office makeup look, only to find that it’s smudged and faded by midday. Heat, humidity and hours in the office environment can ruin anybody’s appearance. Here are some tips to get your makeup back on track. Escape From the Office: Eight Lunchtime Treatments. Sneaking off for a little spa time during your workweek might sound impossible, but there’s no better way to ease stress and rejuvenate your body and skin. Find eight quick treatments that are ideal for working professionals. Workout to Workday: Tips for Going from the Gym to the Office. Whether you like to hit the gym early in the morning or right after work, it’s hard to maintain that professional look when you’re on the go. But having a fitness schedule doesn’t mean you need to spend an hour redoing your makeup every day. Read this article to find out how to make your gym-to-work or work-to-gym routine a little easier. Office Manicure Trends for Fall. The fall season is an exciting time for nail trends, but which looks are appropriate to wear to the office? Whether you’d like to try a metallic or a half-moon manicure, try this office manicure guide to learn how to keep your nails looking both trendy and professional. The Quick Change: Makeup from the Office to the Evening. Need a quick and easy way to go from day to night makeup in a hurry? While the idea of redoing your makeup from scratch sounds exhausting, rest assured that with just a few tips and simple products, it’s easy to create the perfect evening look in no time. Beauty Tips for Working Women: 10 After-Work Pampering Ideas. The stress of the workweek can really take a toll on your skin, but even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, you can make time for a little pampering every day. Here are some easy ways to reduce stress and achieve radiant skin.

Skin conditions

Treating and Preventing Athlete’s Foot. You don’t have to be a jock to fall victim to the itchy and uncomfortable condition known as athlete’s foot. This highly contagious fungal infection can affect just about anyone. Read this article to learn how to prevent and effectively treat cases of athlete’s foot. Stork Bites and Angel’s Kisses: All About Birthmarks. There are many types of birthmarks – from those that you’re born with to those that appear naturally with age. Discover more about these mysterious “angel kisses” – including how to identify the different types and, if you choose to, the available treatment options to help you eliminate yours. Baffled by Bruises? Understanding the Purples and Blues. Whether a klutzy moment on the stairs or a fierce game of soccer is to blame for your bruise, we’re all familiar with these unsightly – and sometimes painful – contusions. Learn more about bruises, including why they form, the signs that signal a more serious form and how to treat these unpleasant skin lesions. Understanding Infections: Arming Your Body Against Foreign Invaders.Tiny, practically invisible microscopic organisms are lurking everywhere around us – making potential infections an almost constant threat to worry about. From bacteria to viruses, discover how to recognize the signs and symptoms of infections; plus, learn more about how to defend your body from these immune system invaders. Understanding Scars. Few people escape childhood without a scar or two. And unfortunately, even adults often face the possibility of scarring due to accidents, skin conditions including acne or even routine surgical procedures. But, with the right products and procedures, you can effectively diminish the appearance of existing scars and proactively prevent the formation of new ones. Understanding Eczema: Causes and Treatment. Itchiness and inflammation on the surface of the skin can often represent a common skin condition known as eczema. Although eczema most often affects infants, it can happen at any age. Read this article to discover the basics about eczema, including the signs, symptoms, treatments and more. Dermatitis: Decoding Irritated Skin. Dermatitis is characterized by an itchy, scaly inflammation of the skin and includes a variety of conditions including eczema and dandruff. Although dermatitis isn’t contagious or especially dangerous, this chronic condition can be physically uncomfortable and trigger insecurity. Read this article to learn more about the signs, symptoms and best treatment options for various types of dermatitis. Stretch Marks: Skincare Causes and Treatments. Surgery, pregnancy and certain diseases can result in the formation of stretch marks, or reddish streaks on the surface of skin. In the midst of what seems like a million miracle cures for stretch marks on the market, read this article to discover which treatments and products can authentically reduce their appearance. Cellulite: Your Questions Answered. For one of the most common skin care concerns, cellulite is also one of the most misunderstood. Discover the factors that influence whether or not you’re likely to experience these unwanted. Plus, in this article you’ll find an overview of the most effective treatments and remedies for diminishing the look of cellulite. How to Handle Hives (Urticaria). Hives, also known as urticaria, is a condition that affects an estimated one out of every five individuals at some point during life. Characterized by sudden and severe itching followed by swelling and inflammation, an episode of hives can last for several minutes to several weeks. Read this article to discover all you need to know about symptoms, treatments, prevention strategies and more.A Psoriasis Primer: The ABCs of a Common But Complex Skin Disease. Psoriasis is unlike common skin conditions – it’s actually an autoimmune disorder and can affect other parts of the body, too. While it’s not contagious, psoriasis symptoms can have a severe impact on quality of life. Read this article to find out more about causes, symptoms and treatments. How to Fight Acne No Matter Your Skin Color or Type. A successful battle against acne depends on an effective blemish-fighting regimen. But when it comes to creating a skin care routine that eliminates acne, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. Whether you’re a Caucasian with an oily complexion or an Asian with dry skin, discover how skin type and ethnicity can influence the ingredients and products you select. Understanding Acne: Types, Triggers and Treatments. Tackle acne head-on with this comprehensive guide to the causes and types of acne, plus a range of treatment options and tips for prevention. Whether your breakouts are triggered by hormones, bacteria or the beauty products you wear every day, find out which solutions – from over-the-counter topical treatments to professional light therapy – may work for you. Tips for Treating Adult Acne. Unfortunately, acne doesn’t always fade away with the awkwardness of your adolescent years. For people who experience acne well into adulthood, using the same old treatments that when you were a teenager probably won’t work as well now. Get tips on choosing the right products and formulas to banish breakouts for good.


10 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Makeup Germ-Free. Did you know that your cosmetics can be a breeding ground for potentially harmful germs? From keeping your pencils properly sharpened to knowing when to toss expired products, the tips in this article will help you maintain an arsenal of cosmetics that are clean and fresh. All About Lipstick: History and How-To. Even if you use lipstick every day, you might be surprised to discover some of the facts behind this ancient cosmetic. Learn about its original ingredients, trends from the 1920s through today and tips on choosing and applying the lipstick that’s right for you. Mastering the Art of Mascara: History And How-To. Even a minimalist makeup routine typically includes mascara. From the dramatic kohl look of ancient Egypt to the vibrating mascara wands on today’s market, follow the evolution of mascara and get tips for creating a clean, polished look and choosing the right type and color for your lashes. Change Your Look: Eye Makeup History and How-To. Every woman’s makeup routine is unique, whether it involves a whole cosmetics counter of eye shadows or just a favorite eye liner. Take a trip through the history of eye makeup and follow our step-by-step instructions for creating a stunning eye look, with tips for lining, contouring and keeping your eyes free from infection. 8 Beauty & Makeup Tips for the Fashion-Forward Professional. From skincare and makeup to fashion and accessories, what you wear creates a strong impression in the workplace. Learn how to put together a polished, professional look, particularly in the cooler months, with this guide to looking both stylish and sophisticated at the office.

Hair & scalp conditions

Inside Seborrheic Dermatitis. Struggling with itchy, flaky skin on your scalp, eyebrows or behind your ears? You likely have a case of seborrheic dermatitis, a skin disorder that can show up as dandruff, cradle cap or seborrheic eczema. Once you’ve identified the symptoms, find out causes, treatment options for both infants and adults, and tips for prevention. 10 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hair Color. Color-treated hair requires some extra TLC. Learn how to boost the health of your hair – and the life of your hair color – with these 10 tips, from choosing the right shampoo to protecting hair from the perils of heat styling and UV rays. Bonus: following this guide can also help you save time and money! Scalp Folliculitis: The Basics. Scalp issues can ruin even the best hair day. This article sheds light on a condition called scalp folliculitis – red, acne-like bumps on the scalp or hairline caused by bacteria or fungus invading the hair follicles. Get info on available home treatments, plus tips for prevention to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Products for Dandruff: Soothing Itchy Scalp. A lot of dandruff products offer big promises – but which ones actually deliver results? This article helps you identify the causes of dandruff and the most effective options for treatment. You’ll also learn about active ingredients in dandruff products and which ones to look for depending on your particular condition. A Deeper Understanding of Women's Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments for Thinning Hair. When it comes to hair loss, woman with this condition are often overlooked. Even though females are far less likely to experience hair loss than males, when it does happen, it brings emotional pain, frustration and feelings of helplessness. While there aren’t many effective treatments for female hair loss, we’ve identified authentic remedies that may improve the look, feel and health of thinning locks. When Acne-Like Spots Strike the Scalp. Scalp folliculitis is a condition that’s easily mistaken for acne along the scalp. However, unlike standard cases of acne, this contagious condition is actually an inflammation of the hair follicles that’s accompanied by a bacterial or fungal infection. In this article, discover more about scalp folliculitis, as well as detailed information about symptoms, risk factors and treatment options.

Kids, teens & family

All About Diaper Rash: Skincare Tips for Baby. Removing a diaper to find a red, irritated rash on your baby’s bottom is no fun for you - or your little one. This uncomfortable condition most often impacts infants or babies from four to 15 months old. Read this article to learn more about the symptoms, risk factors and effective treatment options to keep your baby’s skin clear, comfortable and diaper rash free. Keep it Natural, Baby: 10 Natural Skincare Products for Your Little One. As more parents turn to natural and eco-friendly formulas for their children, the question is: which products are made without harsh, potentially irritating chemicals? Here’s a guide to essential skincare products that use gentle, natural ingredients for babies and kids, so you can keep delicate young skin and hair healthy. Budget Skincare for the Whole Family: Top Beauty Product Picks for Teens. When it comes to skincare, the teenage years are the ideal to time to build a smart routine that focuses on skin type and particular skin challenges – like acne or sensitivity. Thankfully, with all of the high quality budget-friendly products available on the market, your teen can easily afford a comprehensive skincare regimen without spending all of that hard-earned babysitting money. Skin Care Products for Fussy Kids. If bath time sometimes feels like a battlefield, this article can help. Find out how to take the stress out of your child’s grooming routine with options for tear-free shampoo products, fun and soothing bubble bath formulas and gentle moisturizers and scar medications.

Body & lifestyle

Exercise For The Body And Soul … And Your Skin! When considering the best products and steps to include in your daily skin care regimen, you probably think about cleansing, exfoliating and having a good SPF moisturizer. But, did you know that your lifestyle could influence the health and appearance of your skin, too? Read this article to discover how adopting just one great habit – exercise – can transform how you look and feel. Workday Skincare: A Good Night's Sleep for Refreshed Skin at the Office. Most people have experienced the obvious effects of sleep deprivation, like sluggishness and under-eye circles, but getting adequate rest is important for myriad other reasons. Find out how and why beautiful skin begins with healthy sleep patterns and get tips on ensuring beauty sleep from now on. If you can’t avoid the occasional late night, try some of these quick complexion fixes. 9 Easy, Effective At-Home Exfoliating Treatments.Looking for ways to restore a healthy glow to your skin, without hitting the spa? Exfoliation is essential for sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing the younger skin cells underneath. Check out this article for information on why exfoliation is essential to any complexion, and how to choose the right (and most affordable) method for your skin type. At-Home Waxing: An Inexpensive Alternative for Busy Working Women. Maintaining smooth, silky legs can feel like a daunting task, particularly for busy working women. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on pricey salon waxing treatments, learn how to use at-home waxing kits, without sacrificing comfort or quality.


5 Tips for a Gorgeous Winter Glow. If the winter months make you want to crawl into a cave and hibernate until spring, maybe it’s time for a skincare and beauty fix. This article will inspire you to embrace the cold with a few easy tips to help you look – and feel – more radiant. 50 Beauty Gifts for Every Budget. Want to show someone you care – or give yourself a little pampering – without spending a fortune? See our list of 50 stunning gifts for beauty-lovers, from body butter or lip shine products under $10 to hair tools or exotic fragrance under $100. Special Occasion Hairstyles: Teen Trends and Trade Secrets - Part 1. Whether it’s for homecoming, prom, graduation or another formal event, creating the right hairstyle is essential to a teen feeling confident and ready to shine. Choose from romantic, dressy styles to more casual options like a messy bun, and learn how to get the look you want. Special Occasion Makeup for Teens: Artistic Advice from the Pros - Part 2.Once you’ve decided on a hairdo for your big day, it’s time to turn to makeup. Mastering the art of makeup takes practice, so look to these insider tips for advice on choosing complementary makeup for your hairstyle and enhancing your beauty without overdoing it. Skin Care Advice for Camping and Other Outdoorsy Activities. Whether you love the outdoors year-round or relegate your nature activities to summertime only, this article is essential to protecting your skin from the elements. Learn how to keep skin safe at all times, plus prevent bug bites and rashes so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Summer Skin Safety for Kids: 5 Top Battles. Prepared for the trials and tribulations of summer? If protecting your child’s skin is on your list of “necessary evils” this season, read up on how you can battle sunburns, chlorine-tinted hair, bruises and more with our handy guide to kids’ skin safety. 5 Simple Summer Hairstyles. Summer is the perfect time to try out a new hairstyle, whether it’s carefree waves, romantic braids or a sleek updo. Get tips on creating a playful and fashionable ‘do that matches your summer lifestyle. Fall Beauty Switch-Up Part 1: 7 Tips for Office Skincare This Fall. As the seasons change, your skincare routine should change too – especially if you’re a professional looking for ways to keep up a polished appearance at the office. Make a smooth transition to fall with these beauty tips that will carry you through the workday and beyond. Fall Beauty Switch-up Part 2: Trendy Autumn Makeup. Your summer makeup palette needs an update as we shift into the cooler weather of fall. Freshen up your makeup routine with this guide to the latest fall trends for eye makeup, nails, fragrance and more. The Fall Switch-Up Part 3: Your Ideal Autumn Moisturizer. Struggling with dry skin left over from months of summer heat? Address your skin’s unique needs by following our guide to choosing the perfect cool-weather moisturizer. Learn which ingredients to look for based on your skin type to address issues like acne, aging and sensitive skin. The Fall Switch-Up Part 4: 10 Tips for Cooler Weather Skincare. As the weather turns colder, it’s time to make more dramatic adjustments to your skincare routine. Prepare your skin for lower temperatures with creamy, hydrating cleansers, exfoliating treatments and scalp-soothing shampoo. Get more tips on nurturing your body, nails and lips in this article. Fall Hair Care: 5 Tips For Transitioning Your Tresses. As summer comes to a close, take a moment to evaluate the health of your hair: Is it dry? Suffering from split ends or dandruff? Time to rejuvenate your color? Check out this article for a step-by-step guide to sprucing up your hair for the fall season. Fall Fashion Tips: Coordinate the Season's Best Hair and Fashion Trends. One of the most exciting things about fall is changing up your look. Eager to break out the sophisticated blazers and earth tones? Get tips on coordinating fall fashion with the latest makeup and hair looks, from smoky eyes to rich highlights. Holiday Season Gift Guide for Men. When you’re shopping for decadent beauty gifts this holiday season, don’t leave out the men on your list. Surprise them with gifts that indulge their senses, like cologne, high-quality shaving products or a practical skincare and grooming kit. Find the gifts he’ll love with this holiday guide just for men. Holiday Giving on a Budget: Beauty Gifts for Under $50. Holiday shopping on a budget doesn’t need to feel limiting. Make your loved ones feel both special and beautiful with our guide to skincare, pampering, hair care and anti-aging gifts, all under $50. The Holiday Gift Guide for Her. Whether the women on your list are beauty buffs or just love the simple romance of a quality fragrance, these gifts are sure to delight and inspire. Get ideas for both practical and luxurious gifts, from skincare sets for busy moms to innovative beauty tools. Winter’s Hottest Nail Fashions. Ready to shine this winter? Add edgy sophistication to your look with winter nail trends that range from subtle and soft to bold and glitzy. Here are tips on choosing the best polish of the season for pulled-together glamour from head to toe. Holiday Fashion & Beauty Trends for the New Year: Update Your Look for 2012. A new year means an opportunity to reinvent your look – and it’s never too late in the year to make some changes in your fashion choices, hairstyle and skincare. Look to this article for beauty inspiration to reinvigorate your style this year.

Although 2011 is over, it’s not too late to embark on a new skincare and beauty journey, using these 100 articles as your guide. From advice about treating skin conditions like acne and eczema to more light-hearted tips on updating your cosmetics arsenal and creating a stunning new look, you’ll find plenty of expert advice and guides to choosing and using new products, so you can make more informed skincare decisions in the coming year. ........

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper. Celebrate by indulging in some soothing experiences by yourself or with someone you love. From a steamy, sensual soak to an aromatherapy massage, this article provides all you need to know to pull off a romantic day of indulgence.

Ideas for couples

Muscle soothing massage

For an intimate experience that’ll bring you and your loved one closer together – while soothing your muscles at the same time – consider a couple’s massage. You don’t have to be a professional massage therapist to give your significant other a massage that feels good and brings relaxing, restorative benefits. To learn more advanced techniques, pick up a how-to guide at a local bookstore or look for tips online.

Be sure to create atmosphere by dimming the lights and lighting a few aromatic candles. Sundari Gulkand Scented Candle is ideal for this romantic holiday as it sets the stage with a floral bouquet. Add massage oil that’ll nourish and soften skin. Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Massage and Body Oil features a conditioning blend of macadamia, olive and coconut oils to condition, while an exotic infusion of geranium, ylang ylang and vanilla gently layers skin with a sensual, relaxing scent.

For the professional and pampering touch of hot stones, Sivan Health And Fitness Basalt Lava 20-piece High Polish Hot Stone Massage Set has everything you need.

At the spa: While a DIY massage is ideal for some, others prefer this experience at the spa. Whether it’s by yourself or with your loved one, many day spas offer romance-inspired massage experiences for Valentine’s Day. Or, many massage therapists offer in-home services for a reasonable cost.

Steamy soak

A dip in the tub is another soothing, intimate experience that you can enjoy with your significant other. This is an easy indulgence to create – simply light a few candles, dim the lights and hit play on a track list of soothing tunes. Add some bubble bath for an aromatic infusion of hydrating suds. Philosophy Unconditional Love Perfumed Shampoo Bath and Shower Gel is a romantically inspired option. Or, a set of bath oils like Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection offers a variety of aromas to suit every mood. Simply add a few drops to steamy hot water before slipping into the bath.

Then, after you step out of the bath, layer on a soothing and hydrating oil like L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil. Enriched with powerful almond proteins and essential oils of peppermint, palmarosa and Immortelle, this dry oil will balance your skin from head to toe.

Ideas for couples or friends (or just you!)

Pamper with a facial mask

A facial mask is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This treatment is designed to not only remove the dead, surface cells that contribute to dull, uneven skin, but to infuse your complexion with nourishing, pampering ingredients that heal and promote healthier, more radiant skin. Often, in addition to skin-healthy vitamins and extracts, peels contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids to help minimize pores, eliminate acne and even diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

An at-home peel or mask is a treatment that you can do with your spouse, best friend or by yourself. Juice Beauty Organic Facial Rejuvenation Mask is an organic cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients and age-defying fruit acids derived from nourishing fruits, including grape, apple and lemon. Simply lather this blend onto your face and leave for 10 minutes before gently rinsing it away.

To learn how to make your own facial mask with ingredients you already have in your kitchen, read our article How to Create Your Own Face Mask.

At the spa. Facial treatments including masks and peels are a popular menu item at most day spas. There are many different options that can bring individualized benefits to all skin types. So, if you’re spending the day at the spa in celebration of Valentine’s Day, be sure to include a facial on your indulgent agenda.

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When it comes to your beauty routine, make 2012 all about improving your appearance from the inside out. This means healthier habits and a skin care regimen that addresses the needs of your complexion. Thankfully, with some of the latest skin care tools on the market, it’s never been easier to transform the look and feel of your skin.

Skincare for 2012: Embrace innovation

When it comes to how we care for our skin, it’s easy to get caught up in the same old routine – whether it’s using the same old formulas or sticking with the same old washcloth. We’re the first to admit that change isn’t always easy – but embracing a new habit or two can truly transform your skin. So, in the spirit of the New Year, we’ve compiled a list of latest and greatest skincare tools that have the potential to visibly improve your complexion.

Wellbox - The Lipomassage MachineNuBrilliance Microdermabrasion SystemWhy it’s so great: Unlike other at-home microdermabrasion tools, the NuBrilliance device doesn’t use any crystals – which can bother sensitive skin. Rather, by using diamonds, this exfoliating tool brings effective results for all skin types. In addition, while other systems simply exfoliate, this tool combines vacuum massage to infuse anti-aging benefits that other tools can’t match.

For more information on the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion System, check out our review here.

Baby Quasar MDWhy it’s so great: The Baby Quasar MD features settings for all skin types – including sensitive complexions – making it a suitable tool for anyone to add to their regimen. With three easy steps and only a few treatments a week, this tool delivers results that are quick and easy to achieve – and far more affordable than pricey professional procedures.

To learn more about how the Baby Quasar MD works and ways it can improve your skin, read our review here.

Clarisonic Black Opal with ARCONA Eye DewClarisonic Skin Care SystemWhy it’s so great: We couldn’t have a “top tools” list without including the widely acclaimed Clarisonic – its reputation speaks for itself. One of the best features of the Clarisonic Skin Care System is that it can be integrated into your existing routine and extends the value of your favorite formulas. Simply use it with your preferred cleansing product for enhanced efficacy and better results.

Whether it’s for acne-prone adolescent skin or to improve the look of aging, there’s a Clarisonic tool that’s right for every one. Find out more here.

Invest in innovation – experience results

Whether your skin care routine has become stagnant or you’re struggling with a specific skin care concern like aging or acne, embrace 2012 as the year to reinvent your regimen. These at-home tools represent the most advanced, science-based innovations available on the market, offering an exciting opportunity to improve the health and appearance of your skin from head to toe....

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A truly effective skincare routine isn’t static – it alters and adapts according to the seasons and the changing needs of your skin. Whether your goal is eliminating acne, treating and preventing signs of aging, or simply updating your look for the New Year, it helps to have a step-by-step plan. Consider this guide your monthly beauty companion, complete with practical tips for creating the perfect – and flexible – skincare regimen for the year to come.


The colder months of winter are an ideal time to reflect on your skincare habits and introduce new ways to nurture your skin. It all starts with understanding your skin type and choosing the right products and ingredients to address your needs. The following articles will get you started in creating a fresh approach to caring for yourself from head to toe.

January: Re-evaluate your skin care needs.

Many of us rarely think about assessing our skin. It’s easy to go years without re-evaluating skin’s needs — even though they can change dramatically in a short time.

As the New Year begins, take some time to examine your skin. Is your skin drier than it used to be? Is it rougher? Does it look and feel oilier? Does it seem more sensitive? Do you notice any signs of sun damage? Then, make a list of short-term and long-term goals you’d like to achieve with your skin care routine.

February: Update your arsenal.

Go through your whole beauty stash — including cosmetics, skin care formulas and hair products. Toss items that are expired or outdated as they may no longer work — and in some situations can even compromise your health. Then, write out a shopping list to update your arsenal.

Check out: Update Your Skin Care Arsenal. This article contains all the information you need to decide when to pitch products and how to avoid the problem of expired formulas in the first place.

After the busyness of holidays and adjusting to the harsher elements of winter, devote some attention to your own beauty goals – and set the stage for the year ahead. 


It’s time to spring into action! Refresh, renew and rejuvenate your skin as the weather turns warmer with decisive steps toward healthy skin. Learn the value of consulting with a skincare professional and discover fun, skin-boosting ways to pamper yourself with both decadent and DIY beauty treatments.

March: Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

When it comes to effective skin care, regardless of age or skin type, there’s much to be gained from a short sit-down with a dermatologist. In just a quick visit, he or she can provide essential information about the condition of your skin and recommendations to improve your regimen.

April: Experience a new way to pamper.

Like anything in life, it’s more fun to change habits when there’s a reward involved. Take this month to find an enjoyable way to pamper and indulge yourself — while improving your skin at the same time. It could be as extravagant as a day at the spa or as simple as an at-home facial.

Check out: Experience a New Way to Pamper, an assortment of pampering skin care experiences for every age and budget — including classic treatments, do-it-yourself indulgences and ideas for the spa.

May: Skin Cancer Awareness month — have a professional check your skin.

Whether you tan or burn in seconds, it’s essential to shield skin from skin cancer. In fact, diagnoses are growing among younger age groups and dark-skinned ethnicities. Even if you already use a daily moisturizer with SPF and avoid tanning beds, schedule an annual skin cancer screening with a professional. Your dermatologist can keep an eye on any unusual changes in your skin and let you know what to look for at home.

Spring isn’t about resting on your laurels – it’s time to take skincare into your own hands and ensure beautifully healthy skin not just this year, but in the years to come.



By summertime, you’ve probably hit your beauty stride – but now it’s time to switch it up. Get tips for updating your beauty goals and designing your warm-weather skincare routine to include a sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. Plus, inform your skincare choices with research into the latest ingredients for acne, anti-aging and other skin conditions.

June: Assess your summer skin care.

As summer arrives, we’re often too busy updating our warm weather wardrobe and hitting the beach to worry about skin care. But by summerizing your skin care routine, you’ll ensure a healthy, gorgeous look that lasts long after your bikini is put away for the fall. From self-bronzers and sunscreen to SPF hair sprays and hydrating creams, discover how to re-invent your summer skin care routine.

Check out: Reinvent Your Summer Skin Care Routine, a checklist of summer skin care, including everything you need to protect skin from the sun — the best SPF formulas, sunless tanning products and more.

July: Evaluate your progress.

After six months, it’s time to revisit your skin care goals and evaluate your progress. Have your immediate skin care problems like acne or dryness improved? What about your long-term goals? Take this opportunity to revise — or rev up — your skin care goals.

August: It’s back-to-school time — do some homework.

Even if you’re long out of school, embrace the back-to-school vibe and do some skincare research. If you haven’t yet determined your skin type, find out how and use the results to guide your skin care decisions. Also, research the latest innovative ingredients that have emerged on the skin care market and incorporate them into your routine.

The lazy days of summer don’t mean you can slack off in your skincare regimen. Keep your beauty goals alive by tracking your progress and recording your skin’s changes from month to month – and enjoy the fruits of your labors now that you’re halfway through the year!



The transition from summer to fall can mark a dramatic shift in your skin, as the weather grows cooler and drier and schedules often get busier. Prepare yourself by going back to basics with effective, go-to skincare ingredients and the season’s latest makeup trends.

September: Simplify your skincare ingredients.

Once you've delved into innovative ingredients and established an effective skincare routine customized to your skin type, take some time to revisit the basics. Whether you're looking for relief from acne, hyperpigmentation or aging skin, conclude your "back to school" skincare studies with 10 ingredients that offer time-tested results.

October: Ready your winter skin care routine.

Often, summer ends and winter begins before you have time to update your skin care routine. Ready your routine for cold, dry weather by stocking up on moisturizers and adding a few warming treatments to your routine.

November: Get a makeover by a professional makeup artist.

With the holidays around the corner, November is the perfect time to freshen up your look. Stop by a makeup counter for a consultation or schedule an appointment with a professional makeup artist or esthetician.

Keep your skincare routine fresh in the fall by stocking up on season-appropriate products, from the latest in anti-aging serums and moisturizers to nail polish and eye shadow trends. You’re nearing the finish line, so don’t be afraid to take some beauty risks and experiment with new ingredients.

Back to Winter for the Final Rewards of 12 Months to Skincare Success!

The last stage of our 12-month journey is an opportunity to reflect and rejoice in your skincare accomplishments. As you ready yourself for the short days and long nights of winter, acknowledge the changes you’ve made and turn an optimistic eye toward the New Year.


December: Celebrate success! And make your holiday wish list.

If you’ve stuck with your New Year’s resolution, chances are you’ll have a healthier complexion — and reason to celebrate. Take some time during the busy holiday season to reflect on your achievements. Also, don’t forget to make your holiday wish list and start dropping hints about what great products you’d like to see in your stocking.

Check out: Celebrate Skincare Success! And Make Your Holiday Beauty Wish List. Not sure how to measure your success? In this article we help you evaluate your year-end achievements — and offer some indulgent ideas for celebrating your skin care success. Also, you’ll find tips for taking your new skin care regimen into the New Year.

This is the year to stick to your resolutions and transform the health and appearance of your skin. Use our monthly how-to guide to help you adopt — and keep — these new skin care habits, giving yourself the gift of beautiful skin throughout the year and beyond.

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