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If you are considering using an anti aging skin crème, you may wonder whether these products are as effective as they claim and whether they’re safe for your skin and your overall health. And if you’ve used these products, you’ve no doubt wondered if the crème you use is the best choice, and again, about the safety factor.

But unless you’ve done a lot of research yourself, you may not understand some very basic facts about the skin care industry and how the companies involved make decisions about what goes into their skin care products. While you may have some idea, knowing the truth will help you make a more informed decision.

As you may have guessed, the skin care industry generates billions of dollars annually, and the companies involved, at least the major publicly held corporations, are most interested in maximizing their profits and less interested in producing the best product. That sounds like a mercenary way to do business, but that is the way things work at that level of corporate business. They’re in the business of business more than the business of skin care.

This means that they want to produce their anti aging skin crème as cheaply as possible, advertise it heavily, and sell it for as much as possible. And “as cheaply as possible” means using ingredients that do not necessarily benefit your skin, and could even harm your skin and your health. These ingredients may sound familiar if you’ve read the labels; they include petrochemicals like petrolatum and mineral oil.

The problem with the cost-effective ingredients these companies use in their anti aging skin crème, aside from the fact that they offer no benefit, is that they can cause cancer, on the most severe end of things, and skin irritation, on a lesser scale. In between, they can cause other health problems, including such problems as migraines and other illnesses caused by artificial dyes such as Yellow 5 and Red 40.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Many people choose an anti aging skin crème from a major cosmetic company because they think the big companies must know what they’re doing. Now that you know the truth, you can make a more informed choice.

That choice would be to choose a product with only natural ingredients. These crèmes are often made by smaller companies, and may cost more than the mass-produced products (though not always), but are more effective, which means you will spend less in the long run, and safer to use, which makes them well worth any additional cost.

Knowing the facts about anti aging skin crème makes it easy to decide which anti aging skin crème will give your skin the best treatment.

Do you look in the mirror and see signs of aging? Maybe you avoid looking in the mirror because you don’t want to see that you may have a winkle or two. If this is the case, you may want to consider purchasing an anti aging wrinkle crème. But before you just run out to the cosmetics counter and ask the girl behind the counter to hook you up with something, here are some tips that will help you buy the best product for your needs and not the one that gives someone else the biggest commission.

1. Know What You’re Trying to Fight

Okay, no one likes looking closely at skin that doesn’t look like it did 25 years ago, but you need to understand what problems you’re trying to correct. Are they age spots? Crow’s feet? Fine lines? You can’t choose an anti aging wrinkle crème without knowing what you want it to do. You want results, not just something to smear on your face to make you feel you’re doing something.

To get those results, you need to be clear on what specific signs of aging you want to address. So take the time to look in the mirror and get to know your skin a little before you go shopping.

2. Choose Ingredients That Address the Problem You Have

Now, when you look at anti aging wrinkle crèmes, restrict your choices to those crèmes that address the problems you have identified.

No matter how fabulous other products may claim to be, if they don’t fix what you want fixed, they’re not for you. They’re just glorified spackle, as far as you’re concerned.

When you keep in mind what you need help with and look for crèmes that target those problems, you will have much more success finding a real solution. Then the next three tips will help you locate those crèmes easily and purchase them.

3. Go Online To Search For an Anti Aging Wrinkle Crème

No matter how many great stores you have in your area, they can’t carry every solution and every product. The Internet gives you an infinite choice of skin care solutions and products. Plus you can find exactly what you need much more easily by shopping online.

If you prefer to shop locally, you may find something online and then locate a local outlet for it, but shopping online will help you find the perfect crème more easily.

4. Choose All-Natural and Organic Ingredients in Your Anti Aging Wrinkle Crème

There are two reasons for going with all-natural and organic ingredients.

The first is safety; many low-end products contain petrochemicals which can cause cancer, less serious but still harmful ailments, and skin irritation.

Natural and organic ingredients are also simply better for your skin. They are very close to the oils in your skin, so are accepted readily by your skin and absorbed easily, and are very healthful for your skin. If the goal is healthy skin, it simply doesn’t make sense to rub chemicals into it.

5. Do Not Make Your Decision Based on Price Alone

Certainly price is a consideration when buying anything, but if you simply buy the cheapest anti aging wrinkle crème you can find, chances are you will not get an effective product, and you have wasted your money. Your best option is to buy the most cost-effective product—a product which meets all the criteria described above, but is economically priced compared to the other crèmes that also meet those criteria.

If you’re like me, when you look for something like skin care, a recommendation by a professional makes a big difference, right? But what if that recommendation is not all it’s cracked up to be?

In other words, what if “Dermatologist Recommended” doesn’t really mean that a skin care product is effective, or even safe for your skin?

Sadly, that’s the case with some products.

These dermatologist recommended skin care creams and other products probably are recommended by some doctor, somewhere, but they are full of chemicals that are not helpful to your skin and may be harmful not only to your skin but to your overall health—chemicals like acrylamides, parabens and alchohol. Many of these products contain carcinogens and neurotoxins.

Is this really something you want to put on your skin?

No, probably not. So how do these products get to be dermatologist recommended skin care?

There are two reasons.

First, there is always a doctor who will recommend something in exchange for the name recognition or the money involved. That’s just a sad truth.

Second, you have to understand that chemicals are a part of the world of medicine. Dermatologists use chemicals all the time; they’re called medicine. They may not really be thinking in terms of how these chemicals affect your skin long-term, because they’re focusing on fixing the immediate problem.

But your focus is on healthy skin, and for that you need a natural solution.

Fortunately, you can find natural dermatologist recommended skin care products. The key is to look for natural ingredients that target the issues you’re hoping to correct.

One important ingredient to look for is natural Vitamin E. Active manuka honey and avocado oil, as well as babassu, will help your skin stay well-hydrated and resist signs of aging. Because these ingredients are all-natural and completely organic, you could eat them! You can apply them to broken skin to promote healing, so you can imagine that they will help keep your skin young-looking and healthy.

Naturally, you don’t even have to know that these ingredients are part of a dermatologist approved skin care regime to know that they are great for your skin. But what do they do?

Avocado oil stimulates the production of collagen while reducing age spots, while babassu prevents dry skin and creates a layer of protection to lock in moisture and keep out dirt and pollutants. Manuka honey is an antibacterial that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and helps soothe serious skin conditions. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce blemishes, age spots and wrinkles. So you can see that these ingredients are very important in any natural dermatologist recommended skin care product.

So what’s the bottom line? Always go natural and always know the ingredients in any product you choose.

If you’re suffering from some extra skin, either from aging or from sudden weight loss, you may be wondering how to tighten your skin without cosmetic surgery. You may even be wondering if it is possible.

There is good news; it is possible to firm up skin without expensive, painful and risky plastic surgery. You see, your skin’s elasticity is due to collagen, and when you stimulate the production of collagen your skin will become firmer and tighter.

These seven tips will help you do just that.

1. Hot Baths. When you think about how to tighten skin, you may not think of hot baths, but a hot bath with a half teaspoon of sea salt will not only relax your skin, and the rest of your body, but also remove toxins from your body. This will help your skin to regain its elasticity and firm up.

2. Massage. A soothing massage with a good lotion or oil is excellent for your skin as well as your muscles, and will tighten loose skin while making you feel great. This is an excellent addition to your skin-tightening regimen.

3. Vitamin E. One of the first answers most people will give to the question, how to tighten skin, is Vitamin E. Adding this nutrient to your diet will help firm your skin, but you can also take Vitamin E capsules, break them open and rub the liquid onto your skin for 15 or 20 minutes to firm and tone loose skin. This is an excellent treatment for sagging skin.

4. Water. Your skin needs lots of water, and most people simply don’t get enough. Dry, dehydrated skin will sag. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily will hydrate and tone your skin. When you’re wondering how to tighten skin, remember to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks, which are dehydrating.

5. Raw Fruits and Vegetables. Your diet has a major impact on your skin. Most people don’t think about this, but vegetables and fruits can greatly increase your skin’s elasticity. Three of the most important are cucumber, coconut and tomato.

6. Soy protein and Aloe Vera Extract. Add these two nutrients to your diet to help your skin produce more collagen and elastin and improve its elasticity; this is one of the best how to tighten skin tips.

7. Olive Oil. Olive oil is another method for tightening skin, and should be applied to the skin in the same way as Vitamin E to help firm and tighten skin.

With these tips you can increase your skin’s elasticity and firmness easily without surgery.

You are probably aware of the dangers of many skin care products from the larger cosmetic companies, with their chemical ingredients that can harm your skin, cause illness and even cause cancer. You know that you need natural ingredients in your skin care creams and other products, but you might wonder if you can simply make everything you need, rather than buying natural skin care creams and products.

The answer is yes and no.

Some skin care products can easily be made at home, and you may find that you want to use natural skin care recipes for some of your skin care needs. However, there are ingredients you simply cannot access for your home recipes, and you will need to decide what you want and need from your skin care regimen, and what you’re going to do yourself and what you’re going to buy.

A few natural skin care recipes you might find useful from your own kitchen include the following:

Instead of spending big bucks on expensive moisturizers that contain harmful chemicals (many of which are banned in certain places around the world (i.e. by the European Union)), or even buying a natural moisturizer, make your own. The essential ingredient in most moisturizers is oil, and olive oil is a cost-effective substitute that feels great and which you probably already have on hand.

When you’re done moisturizing, give yourself a facial with honey and an egg yolk or two (NOT the whites). Simply blend it together, smooth a thin coat on your face and let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes to clean and tighten your facial pores.

One of my favorite natural skin care recipes is the simple exfoliating scrub of baking soda. Yes, baking soda. Simply scrub with it in the shower, scrubbing a little harder in areas with blackheads.

Deodorants are one of the worst offenders in terms of chemical skin care products; this is where you really need natural skin care recipes and I have one. Simply replace your deodorant with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water. The vinegar will not irritate your skin and is an excellent deodorant. Don’t worry the vinegar smell disappears fast.

What you cannot accomplish through these recipes is boosting collagen and production. You can care for and nourish your skin, and that is important. If you’re looking for something to actually reduce wrinkles and reverse and prevent the effects of aging, you’re probably going to need anti aging skin care products.

But for general skin care needs, these natural skin care recipes can be a great way to avoid chemicals, save money and enjoy doing it yourself.