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The key to growing older and still being able to maintain good health and vitality is found in the minerals you take in. One of these important minerals is zinc. Zinc has a lot of power to keep you healthy inside and out - from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

You need it for good eyesight, good muscle contraction and nice looking hair. Not only does it help keep your hair looking thick and luxurious, but it also boosts the cells that fight infections in your body.

Zinc helps protect your body against respiratory illnesses - such as the flu and pneumonia. It does this by strengthening your immune system. Zinc works hand in hand to aid the production of insulin, which is imperative in the fight against developing diabetes as you grow older.

It’s instrumental in protecting your body against developing some eye diseases, like macular degeneration - which often occurs with aging. This mineral can also help battle hair loss that’s caused by aging.

It has healing properties against rheumatoid arthritis and in men, zinc can raise low testosterone levels. It’s also necessary for prostate health. Zinc is needed to help keep the digestive tract working right - and it’s also needed for metabolic purposes.

For bone health, zinc helps prevent the bone loss that happens with the development of osteoporosis. But there’s even more good news about zinc. This mineral is the much-needed mineral that works to keep your skin looking young.

Even if your skin has already been damaged due to environmental causes such as sun damage or the aging process, zinc can work to repair any of that damage. The result means that you end up with softer, firmer skin.

Zinc doesn’t just help keep your skin looking firmer and younger - it’s also a very vital mineral needed in the fight against skin wounds. Because of its regeneration ability, zinc even helps you battle acne. But it’s also effective against other problems that plague the skin - such as eczema.

While you can get some zinc through your daily food intake, you don’t often get the amount you need for healthy aging. So another way that you can ensure that you get the proper amount of zinc is through supplemental items, such as vitamins. You can also give your skin an extra zinc boost by using anti-aging skin creams that have zinc in the ingredients.